21 January 2019
The taxi and bus drivers engage in a dangerous race while navigating the Aberdeen Tunnel. Photos: Google Maps, Facebook/
The taxi and bus drivers engage in a dangerous race while navigating the Aberdeen Tunnel. Photos: Google Maps, Facebook/

Taxi, bus collide in scary race through Aberdeen Tunnel

A taxi driver and a bus driver turned Aberdeen Tunnel on Hong Kong Island into a venue of a dangerous drag race against each other, resulting in a collision.

The Saturday night road-rage drama on the northbound lane of the tunnel was caught on video, which was widely circulated on social media, Ming Pao Daily reports.

The footage shows the taxi, while navigating the tunnel, cut across the double white lines to try to shift to the left lane.

This apparently infuriates the bus driver, who accelerates and blocks the cabbie from overtaking his vehicle.

The bus is also seen steering to the right to prevent the taxi from shifting to the left lane.

The taxi driver attempts again to force his way to the left, but with little success. The bus driver is seen gleefully clapping his hands for frustrating the cabbie.

The cabbie then accelerates, enabling his vehicle to get ahead of the bus, and is about to shift again to the left.

But the bus driver, probably unwilling to accept that the cabbie is about to take his lane, steps on the gas, thereby causing a collision.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but the taxi’s left-side mirror was damaged and both vehicles sustained slight dents.

Both drivers stepped out of their vehicles and engaged each other in a heated verbal exchange.

They then returned to their respective vehicles and drove on.

Upon exiting the tunnel, tunnel staff stopped the two vehicles and called the police.

No one was arrested but sources said the 59-year-old bus driver surnamed Chan was suspended by Citybus.

Police classified the case as traffic accident with no people injured.

A Citybus spokesman said the incident would be investigated thoroughly.

A netizen, identifying himself as Ryan Cheng, said he is the taxi driver involved in the incident.

He said the bus had hit his taxi door before entering the tunnel, so he had to stop the bus driver.

When the bus driver refused, he then chased him through the tunnel, he said.

Hong Kong Automobile Association spokesman James Kong Yat-hung said both drivers were at fault.

He said based on the video footage, the taxi had attempted to cut more than once without signaling the bus prior to entering the Aberdeen Tunnel, which apparently angered the bus driver and led to the collision.

The bus driver is also to blame for ignoring the safety of his passengers by hitting the taxi on purpose, Kong said.

The chairman of the Citybus Limited Employees Union Hui Hon-kit did not comment on who was to blame for the incident, while the Taxi Drivers Club director To Sun-tong believes that the both drivers should be held responsible.

According to the Transport Advisory Committee, at least 4,778 complaints were filed against taxi drivers in January to June this year.

The number of complaints against cabbies totalled 10,359 last year, up from 8,789 in 2011.

The number of complaints involving improper driving behavior rose 20 percent to 1,323 last year from 1,095 in 2011, and totalled 640 in the first six months of the year, acccounting for 13.4 percent of all the complaints, higher than in corresponding periods over the past five years.

Dr. Ringo Lee Yiu-pui, chairman of the Institute of the Motor industry Hong Kong, said the incident reflects the problematic attitudes of some drivers of public transport, Apple Daily said.

He said drivers should not put their lives and those of their passengers at risk, adding that the maneuvers of both drivers could cause their vehicles to flip over and cause casualties.

Watch the video:

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