19 April 2019
Police have opened a child abuse case against a foreign domestic helper even though the maid has apologized for her behavior. Photo:
Police have opened a child abuse case against a foreign domestic helper even though the maid has apologized for her behavior. Photo:

Domestic helper arrested for slapping young ward on bus

A foreign domestic helper was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after she was apparently caught on camera slapping a three-year-old boy under her care.

Headline Daily reports that the maid, who is an Indonesian national, is facing an investigation after mobile phone footage surfaced of her hitting a child onboard a public bus last week.

According to the report, the suspected abuse took place as the domestic helper was taking a pair of siblings — her employer’s kids — home by bus after they attended school last Monday.

It is believed that the youngest child, a boy, may have been naughty and refused to sit down on the bus, prompting the caretaker to slap him as a way of punishment.

His older sister, aged 10, who was part of the traveling group, caught the act on her mobile phone as she was filming various scenes during the journey.

The kids, however, did not report the matter to their mother after they got back home, and the incident remained hidden.

It was later only that night when the mother, a 32-year-old surnamed Lo, took a peek at her daughter’s mobile phone that the family came know of the bus incident. 

Following the discovery, the employer decided to call the police last Friday.

According to Apple Daily, the helper denied hitting the young boy until Lo produced the video evidence.

Confronted with the evidence, the maid — who began working for Lo just a month ago – apologized and vowed never to repeat such behavior.

Still, that didn’t stop the police from carrying out an arrest.

Lo recalled that her son had been behaving differently since the new maid came into their house.

The mother suspects that there could have been other incidents where her son was subject to abuse by the maid.

Inquiries with the boy’s elder sister are said to have led to such suspicions getting stronger.

According to Lo, she had sought out a domestic helper in view of her busy work schedule at her office. The maid’s main duty was to take care of the two children who were both enrolled in schools.

The employer said that she had been kind to her maid and didn’t overburden her with chores. The Indonesian was merely asked to take care of the children and do house work.

Following the shocking incident on the bus, the family has decided to fire the helper, according to Apple Daily.

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