22 April 2019
China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned against any moves to damage the 'One China' principle. Photo: Reuters
China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned against any moves to damage the 'One China' principle. Photo: Reuters

Beijing warns Trump against change in ‘One China’ policy

China expressed “serious concern” after US President-elect Donald Trump suggested that he might reconsider Washington’s decades-long stance over the “One China’ policy in relation to Taiwan.

A foreign ministry spokesman warned on Monday that US-China ties will be damaged if the incoming Trump administration does not recognize Beijing’s core interest on Taiwan.

“China has noted the report and expresses serious concern about it. I want to stress that the Taiwan issue concerns China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and involves China’s core interests,” Reuters quoted ministry spokesman Geng Shuang as saying at a regular news briefing.

“Upholding the ‘One China’ principle is the political basis for developing China-US ties. If this basis is interfered with or damaged then the healthy development of China-US relations and bilateral cooperation in important areas is out of the question,” Geng said.

The spokesman was responding to Trump’s comments in a media interview where he questioned nearly four decades of US policy in relation to China and Taiwan.

Trump told “Fox News Sunday” that Washington does not necessarily have to stick to its long-held stance that Taiwan is part of “One China”.

The comments came after the president-elect angered Beijing earlier by accepting a telephone call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen.

Beijing’s spokesman Geng said on Monday that cooperation with the US is “out of the question” if the latter fails to uphold the “One China” principle.

He also indicated that Beijing will reject any effort by Trump to use the Taiwan issue as a bargaining chip in a long list of commercial and security problems facing China and the US.

In a separate statement, the ministry cited Foreign Minister Wang Yi as warning against moves to damage the “One China” principle.

“China is paying close attention to developments,” Wang was quoted as saying during a trip to Switzerland.

“I can clearly say that no matter whether the Tsai Ing-wen authority, any other person in the world, or any other force, if they try and damage the one China principle and harm China’s core interests, in the end they are lifting a rock only to drop it on their feet.”

Ministry spokesman Geng urged the incoming Trump administration to fully recognize the sensitivity of the Taiwan issue, saying it is crucial to ties between the two nations.

“The China-US relationship has global and strategic significance. This not only concerns the happiness of both countries and their people, it concerns the peace, stability, development and prosperity of the Asia Pacific (region) and internationally,” he said.

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