19 October 2018
Yau Wai-ching has given us one of the most cringe-worthy quotes this year. With the trump era coming, expect more crazy sayings. Photo: HKEJ
Yau Wai-ching has given us one of the most cringe-worthy quotes this year. With the trump era coming, expect more crazy sayings. Photo: HKEJ

Thanks Yau Wai-ching for the bedroom theory

She may have been disqualified from the Legislative Council but she gave us something to ponder this year.

Yau Wai-ching topped the list of the most popular search terms for what became a much talked-about controversy among netizens this year.

Known for combining a “devilish” vocabulary with an angelic face, Yau gave us these words of wisdom: “Even if we want to bang, we cannot find a room.”

Her blunt words at a Hong Kong Polytechnic forum highlighted the frustrations of young people who complain about lack of intimacy amid a cramped environment and sky-high home prices.

It’s just too bad that Yau has lost her chance to take the issue further in Legco after she was disqualified for improper oath-taking and for insulting China.

Still, Yau managed to top Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and his wife, who also brought a few snickers with their own creative remarks.

Leung shocked workers in Central when he said they could go for a swim in the harbor for 20 minutes after lunch in a modern swimming area near the IFC.

His creative idea got many scratching their heads. How could their lunch hour be squeezed after lining up in fast-food eateries?

Likewise, Leung’s wife Regina told an audience to grow vegetables in their balcony — just as they did in Government House. The suggestion was met with many curious eyes.

But a mother from Tuen Mun trumped everyone else with her own theory on how children can grab the lead in any game right from the start.

She told TVB that parents should consider “leading the game right from ejaculation” because it is important to get the child’s birthday right as well.

Even if you get the birthday and everything else right, you still need to work hard.

Fonia Wong, one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons, offended people by offering her success formula. She said she managed to buy a flat in five years because she put four times more effort than the average person and she paid off her mortgage in three years.

Most of us are just ordinary people who would occasionally go to concerts or movies but choose not to paste newspaper clippings of our dream flat on the front cover of a diary (if anyone still uses one), unlike Fonia.

Funny how a daily routine like washing hair also made the list — twice by former legislators.

First we had Ng Leung-sing who explained to Legco that missing bookseller Lee Bo might have gone to China by “hair washing boat”, a phrase that suggested prostitution, instead of being taken across the border by mainland security officers.

Ng later apologized. Also, he did not seek reelection.

We also had Cyd Ho, who lost reelection, criticize Yau Wai-ching for not being friendly to the environment because of her long angel hair.

Well, well, well. Thank you for all the above people who have gone out of sight, or soon to be out of sight.

But with the Trump era coming, stay tuned for a barrage of crazy sayings.

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