19 February 2019
A Wanchai court gave a ruling Thursday in relation to compensations claims from a 2011 rape victim. Photo: HKEJ
A Wanchai court gave a ruling Thursday in relation to compensations claims from a 2011 rape victim. Photo: HKEJ

Domestic helper gets HK$562,000 compensation after rape trauma

An Indonesian domestic helper who was raped by her former employer’s brother and subsequently suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) should get HK$562,000 in compensation, a Hong Kong court ruled Thursday.

A judge ordered the compensation in the presence of the rape perpetrator, a person named Fok Ka-ching, who was brought to the hearing from the Shek Pik Prison where he is serving time, Apple Daily reports.

The 35-year-old prisoner did not reject the deal nor summon anyone for testimony, concluding a matter that was brought to the court two weeks ago on settling the costs and offering compensation for the rape victim.

In 2013, Fok was sentenced to seven and a half years in jail after he was convicted of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault charges.

He was found guilty of raping an Indonesian woman who worked at his brother’s residence as a domestic helper. 

The incident left the victim, who is now 38, with deep emotional scars and some health problems, prosecutors have said. 

Psychiatrists have confirmed that the maid suffers from PTSD, leading to complications such as poor memory, slow reaction and depression. When remembering the events, she finds it hard to breathe and her heart beat increases, Ming Pao Daily News reports.

Still working in Hong Kong now, but for a different employer, the Indonesian said she fears going to areas like Kowloon and that she feels threatened when she sees men of similar looks and build as Fok.

Her ordeal began in June 2011, when Fok allegedly forced her to perform sexual acts over a period of two months before eventually raping her.

The attack took place at a Bay View Gardens apartment in Ngau Chi Wan.

Following the rape, the victim is said to have secretly collected a semen sample, which resulted in her attacker getting arrested.

After she changed jobs, the maid did not seek medical help for PTSD until August 2015 as she didn’t want her new employer to learn about the past events.

Doctors ruled that she had lost ten percent of her working ability due to low efficiency and poor ability to focus. She will require medical follow-up for the next two to three years.

The maid’s lawyer told the court that his client had been in Hong Kong less than a month before she was subjected to abuse and forced to face the situation alone and afraid.

The incident resulted in the maid — who has three children back home in Indonesia – see her marriage break up with her partner. Meanwhile, she also suffered unemployment for 21 months.

Filing for compensation, the victim sought HK$250,000 for ‘moral damage in personal injury’ and an additional HK$80,000 in view of the seriousness of the case.

Apart from that, there was claim for HK$105,900 payment for her unemployment, HK$56,200 for losing ten percent working ability, HK$49,400 for medical expenses and HK$21,300 for transportation and miscellaneous items, adding up to a total of HK$562,000.

The settlement Thursday marked a victory for the Indonesian national. 

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