22 February 2019
Carrie Lam is seeking to alter the public image that she will be no different from the outgoing chief executive, CY Leung. Photo: HKEJ
Carrie Lam is seeking to alter the public image that she will be no different from the outgoing chief executive, CY Leung. Photo: HKEJ

Carrie Lam seeks to cast herself as different from CY Leung

Chief Secretary Carrie Lam, who announced her candidacy Monday for Hong Kong’s top job, is trying to assure the public that she will be her own person and that she will not copy the outgoing chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, when it comes to governance style.

Lam told a radio program Wednesday that Leung and she are totally different people since they have different backgrounds and had different career paths.

She also suggested that they have different approaches when it comes to governance, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Lam has been called “CY 2.0″ by democrats, meaning she is seen as the same type of political figure as Leung. Now, she is seeking to change that image.

On Wednesday, the CE hopeful stressed that she has never said that she will follow in Leung’s footsteps, as some speculated, once she is elected as Hong Kong leader.

However, she admitted that she approves the current government’s ideology in administration, though she feels the regime should have been more aggressive on policy implementation.

Good policies and good governance are separate things, Lam said, pointing out that governance would require affinity, paying heed to the public’s opinions, and ensuring transparency.

Lam said she has intentionally kept a low profile and avoided media interviews during the past four and half years as chief secretary as she focused on supporting the chief executive.

Following her resignation, people should give her a chance and try to get better understanding of her as a veteran civil servant, she said.

As for criticism that she lacks empathy, she claimed that all those who have had contacts with her know that she is diligent in work and serious about taking inputs from others.

Asked about rumors that she has been “blessed” by Beijing in the CE race, Lam said she has never felt that way.

She denied any so-called “appointment”, saying she earned her candidacy by herself. It is wrong to assume that Beijing wants nothing but a competition-free election, she said.

Lam said she is confident of winning the 150 minimum votes required from the 1,200-member Election Committee that will propel her to the final stage of the CE election.

She has no doubt that she will make it to the final shortlist regardless of the competitor numbers, Lam said, adding that she will do her best to meet with as many committee members as she can.

In other comments, Lam revealed that former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa had in December told her to come forward and run in the CE election.

She did not, however, confirm if Tung will openly support her.

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