22 May 2019
At Yuen Hing, diners can enjoy perfectly grilled siu mei. Photo: HKEJ
At Yuen Hing, diners can enjoy perfectly grilled siu mei. Photo: HKEJ

Yuen Hing: Fresh excitement in a new location

Hanging around in Quarry Bay last Tuesday, I bumped into Yuen Gor.

He was soaked in sweat, carrying some big grocery bags of fresh vegetables in both hands and obviously making his way back to the restaurant.

I was puzzled and intrigued. Why should Yuen Gor, the owner and the head chef of Yuen Hing, do the manual work himself instead of just waiting for the ingredients to arrive from distributors or grocers?

Yuen Hing, originally located in Reclamation Street, Jordan, rose to fame thanks to Cantonese barbecued meat and various main dishes.

The new location in Hoi Tai Street not only allows him to serve more diners but, more importantly, it enables him to produce more delicious roasted goose and char siu with a larger grill in place.

Those who have visited Yuen Hing could hardly forget the supreme taste of Yuen Gor’s roasted dishes. Frequent diners know the importance of placing orders in advance, so that Yuen Gor could grill and serve the perfect siu mei as soon as everyone has settled down.

Freshly grilled char siu and roasted goose come with the juiciest meat. And I am sure Yuen Hing would never be a place where you encounter cool-down goose with wrinkled skin and dried and tough meat.

I casually asked Yuen Gor if he had been enjoying his new kitchen gadgets. He embarrassingly explained how he had spent much time trying to become familiar with the right grilling flame and duration.

Yuen Gor is truly a persistent person who wouldn’t stop till he has come up with a perfect solution. I have total faith in him.

Another advantage of a new grill is that diners can now enjoy barbecued eel. I also have to give credit to the ingredients, as a dish couldn’t be anywhere great without these fresh items.

That said, it is reasonable for Yuen Gor to source the products himself, especially after an unpleasant incident with a local grocer some time ago.

He had in fact made a deal but the products delivered were not up to standard. After the confrontation, the grocer turned him down, complaining Yuen Gor was asking too much while ordering too little.

I was impressed by Yuen Gor’s decision to do the shopping himself until he could get some quality supplies.

Success is really 99 percent perspiration. I wish him all the best on his future endeavors.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Feb. 1

Translation by Darlie Yiu

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