22 August 2019
Hongkongers will have to brace for colder weather in the coming days. Photo: HKEJ
Hongkongers will have to brace for colder weather in the coming days. Photo: HKEJ

Observatory issues cold front warning

A cold front will begin to affect Hong Kong soon, leading to a significant dip in temperature in the city, according to the Observatory.

While the daytime temperature on Wednesday may be as high as 20 degrees Celsius, it will go down gradually later in the day as winds will become northerlies, it said.

The temperature may reach as low as 13 degrees on Thursday before it further drops to 12 degrees on Friday and Saturday, the Observatory said, adding that temperature difference between day and night during the days will be relatively large.

It predicts that the temperature will not start going up until Sunday, am730 reports.

Dr. Li Kai-ming, chairman of the Hospital Authority’s Central Coordinating Committee (Accident & Emergency), called on citizens to keep warm in the coming days as a sudden drop of temperature is likely to worsen the condition of influenza that remains at its peak.

Meanwhile, the National Meteorological Center of China Meteorological Administration has also issued a cold blue warning signal, the lowest of its kind, for 10 provinces including Guangdong and Fujian.

Shaoguan weather bureau expects the local temperature to be as low as 2 degrees on Sunday and Monday, while its Shenzhen counterpart forecasts only 9 degrees for Sunday.

The cold snap is expected to cross the sea and arrive in Taiwan on Thursday, with the local weather authority warning it will last until next Monday, Apple Daily (Taiwan) reported.

The island’s Central Weather Bureau said the temperature may be as low as 8 degrees in the northern part, and that there is chance to see snow at high mountains such as Hehuanshan.

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