18 August 2019
CE candidate John Tsang says nothing about fighting for democracy in his election platform. Photo: HKEJ
CE candidate John Tsang says nothing about fighting for democracy in his election platform. Photo: HKEJ

Who wants a more lenient slavemaster?

Chief executive front-runner John Tsang announced his election platform a couple of days ago.

Tsang didn’t mention how he is going to fight for universal suffrage, not a single word.

All he said is that he is committed to defending our core values such as the rule of law, justice, incorruptibility, freedom, democracy and diversity, among others, without putting any emphasis on how he is going to facilitate democracy in Hong Kong.

Given that, pro-democracy members of the Election Committee who still choose to endorse Tsang even after having read his ill-conceived election agenda are not only betraying their own democratic ideals but also failing the people of Hong Kong.

Some might argue that endorsing Tsang is the only viable option for the pan-democrats because compared to Carrie Lam,  apparently handpicked by Beijing for the top job, he is the lesser evil.

For the washed-up pan-democrats, it might sound logical because all they are concerned about is how Tsang is going to reward them for their support once elected. They couldn’t care less about whether Tsang is committed to fighting for democracy or not.

However, as far as I am concerned, Tsang’s poor election pledges only further reinforced my judgment that he is not fit for the office of chief executive because he is such a hypocritical, condescending, arrogant and callous person.

To me, he is not the lesser evil. Rather, he is equally evil compared with Carrie Lam or CY Leung.

Just look at how he criticized the Occupy Central movement for “tearing our society apart”, “wasting valuable social resources” and “obstructing economic development” in his election platform.

And one can expect that once elected as CE, Tsang will toe Beijing’s line just as eagerly as his predecessor.

What Tsang and his pan-democratic allies embrace is a kind of “slave’s mindset”, a term coined by the great German philosopher Nietzsche.

Under this mindset, Tsang is convinced that the vast majority of Hong Kong people are just slaves who are only concerned about their livelihood.

As such, slaves would always support a more lenient slavemaster than stage a rebellion to free themselves because being meek and submissive is always safer and more cost-effective than resistance.

Tsang believes the people of Hong Kong would endorse him because he regards himself as a more lenient slavemaster than Lam and Leung.

However, he has got it all wrong because the Occupy movement has raised the political awareness of an entire generation who would no longer buy into such “slave’s mindset”.

So does the pan-democrats’ notion that Tsang is the only viable choice holds true?

Of course not. Let’s not forget there is still another front-runner, retired judge Woo Kwok-hing, who is a lot more committed to fighting for democracy than any other candidate and who is not afraid to call a spade a spade.

Besides, the fact that Beijing’s mouthpieces haven’t lambasted at all Woo’s bold plan to achieve universal suffrage shows that his proposal may be taken seriously by Beijing.

Woo might emerge as a dark horse and no one at this point can rule out the possibility that he could get elected.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on Feb. 7

Translation by Alan Lee

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