23 February 2019
An incident at the Tsing Long Highway Tuesday has evoked memories of a cash spill (inset) that took place in Wan Chai in 2014. Photos: Google Maps,
An incident at the Tsing Long Highway Tuesday has evoked memories of a cash spill (inset) that took place in Wan Chai in 2014. Photos: Google Maps,

Police look for two motorists after cash spill on highway

Police are looking for a motorist who is believed to have lost thousands of dollars while he was driving along the Tsing Long Highway on Tuesday.

Apart from the car owner, who has curiously not lodged a case, authorities are also searching for a truck driver who is suspected to have picked up some of the banknotes and made away with them.

According to Apple Daily, a man who was driving on the Yuen Long–bound side of the Tsing Long Highway reported to police at about 9:30 am yesterday that he saw lots of banknotes scattered both in the middle of the road and along the roadside.

The bills lay on the ground about one kilometer away from the toll booth of Tai Lam Tunnel. 

Police officers who arrived at the scene cordoned off part of the road before they recovered more than 200 Hong Kong banknotes worth a total of nearly HK$9,000.

The currency was in various denominations, including ten, twenty, fifty, hundred and five-hundred-dollar bills.

After examining footage from security cameras installed outside the tunnel, the police determined that the money was from a white car that had passed by earlier.

According to the police, the white car was seen pulled over to the side of the road for a few minutes after it passed the toll booth. As it was leaving, lots of bills flew out of the car and scattered on the ground.

While one can only speculate as to what caused the cash to fly out of the vehicle — a gust of wind and open car window could be one reason – the police saw in the footage that a truck driver stopped his vehicle about ten minutes after the money fell from the car.

The man was seen picking up some of the banknotes and driving off after pocketing the money.

Police, meanwhile, are baffled as no one has reported yet about loss of money on the highway.

Authorities have urged people who know more about the matter to come forward and provide information.

In 2014, Hong Kong witnessed a major cash spill incident as bundles of banknotes slipped out of a money-transport van and scattered onto a road in Wan Chai.

More than HK$15 million had gone missing by the time police arrived to secure the scene on Gloucester Road, after passers-by rushed to pick up the spilled banknotes.

Police later arrested eight people, three of whom were convicted on theft charges. But HK$7 million was still missing as authorities managed to recover only part of the missing currency.

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