16 February 2019
A Chinese netizen took offense at the slogans printed on the T-shirts. Photo:
A Chinese netizen took offense at the slogans printed on the T-shirts. Photo:

German website under fire over ‘offensive’ T-shirt slogans

Humor or racial prejudice?

A Chinese netizen living in the United States took umbrage after coming across a German website that sells custom T-shirts with slogans that he found insulting to his race, Sing Tao Daily reports.

The site operator, however, insisted it was just being humorous.

One of the T-shirts reads “Save a dog, eat a Chinese” while another one is printed with “Save a shark, eat a Chinese”.

Anyone who sees the slogans will realize that the T-shirts are meant to criticize Chinese people who eat dog meat and use shark’s fin as a soup ingredient.

But the netizen did not consider them funny at all.

He lodged a complaint to the website, saying animal protection is a good cause, but it should not be promoted by means of racial discrimination against the Chinese.

One can’t right a wrong with another wrong.

He demanded that the website remove the offensive T-shirts within a week or he would take legal action.

The T-shirts are no longer available on the English-language page of the website as of Tuesday, but they are still being sold on its German page at 25.39 euros (US$26.88) each.

Responding to the netizen’s rage, a spokesman for the website said the T-shirt wordings were not making fun of Chinese but simply trying to be humorous, Apple Daily quoted foreign media reports as saying.

The concept behind any design of products sold on the website does not represent the site operator’s views and beliefs, the spokesman said, adding that the designers can say whatever they like because they have freedom of speech.

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