19 April 2019
A picture of police officer Man Wai-dik helping an old man has gone viral in online forums in Hong Kong. Photo: Facebook
A picture of police officer Man Wai-dik helping an old man has gone viral in online forums in Hong Kong. Photo: Facebook

Police officer’s kind act wins internet hearts

A young police officer has won wide praise and garnered much attention in online forums after he went beyond the call of duty and helped an old man on the street last week.

Netizens can’t stop raving about 24-year-old Man Wai-dik, an officer with the Hong Kong police’s Tactical Unit, following news of an extraordinary act of kindness toward an elderly citizen. 

People are discussing an incident that took place last Friday, when Man was on duty in Tsuen Wan district amid an investigation into a missing person.

At about 2 pm, Man was walking on a street in Sham Tseng area when he spotted an elderly person struggling with a load of cargo on his shoulders.

The man, who was in his 60s, was using a shoulder pole to carry heavy items. At one end, there were three loaded shopping bags tied to the pole while at the other there was a shopping trolley.

Man noticed that the man was panting and having a difficult time carrying the heavy load.

Without hesitating for a moment, the police officer decided to offer a helping hand.

Amazingly, he took over the pole himself, relieving the elderly man of his entire burden. And he carried it all the way to the old man’s home which was around a hundred meters away.

A passerby noticed the incident and took a picture which was later posted on social media, sparking animated discussions among netizens.

Commentators lauded Man, describing his act as exemplary kindness and saying that he has done a lot of good to improve the image of the police.

Meanwhile, Man himself was rather humble, saying that what he did was no big deal, Sing Tao Daily reports. 

He said he just did what he felt was right and that it was nothing to brag about.

But the police officer said it gave him a great sense of satisfaction to hear the old man say “Thank You”.

Man also added that he is glad to learn that netizens have acknowledged that there are police officers doing good deeds.

In other comments, Man said he hopes to be able to join the Police Public Relations Bureau in order to play a part in improving the public image of the police.

Man, whose father and cousins are all police officers, said he believes that the majority of people still have faith in the police force.

Sing Pao News quoted him as saying that he never expected to become a favorite figure on the internet.

Anyone in that situation would have offered help to the old man, he said.

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