22 March 2019
Lau Ka-wing takes her job seriously and hopes she passes her probation period. Photos: Facebook/ plaxtonl's Bus Page,
Lau Ka-wing takes her job seriously and hopes she passes her probation period. Photos: Facebook/ plaxtonl's Bus Page,

Young lady bus driver wins passengers’ green light

A young lady bus driver with a winsome smile has become an internet sensation after her photos behind the wheel went viral on Facebook.

Lau Ka-wing, part of the post-1980s generation, plies Citybus’ Route 789 between Admiralty and Siu Sai Wan, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

Sporting blonde-dyed hair and blue nail polish, Lau maintains a fashionable appearance that turns many heads.

After all, it’s not often passengers get to see a female public transport driver, not to mention a young and charming one.

A Citybus spokesperson said out of the company’s 3,700 full-time drivers, only 2 percent or 74 are women.

Lau told Apple Daily that some passengers couldn’t believe she was really a bus driver in view of her looks and suspected they were being pranked by producers of a television show.

Her popularity aside, Lau takes her new job seriously.

In fact, she was just on her sixth day at work on Thursday, and she feels she has yet a lot to learn.

Driving a double-decker with up to 100 people aboard can be very intimidating, especially for a young lady without much experience in driving public transport.

At first, the job presented huge difficulties, such as maneuvering a vehicle of such massive size.

She had thought about giving up, in fact, because it was becoming too much of a challenge, Apple Daily said.

Her trainers had once criticized her for being clumsy and absent-minded, but still they taught her all the skills needed for the job.

She was taught, for example, how to steer the huge bus in a more “feminine way” as she lacked certain qualities that male drivers had to turn the relatively heavy wheel.

Lau admits she still commits plenty of mistakes, such as failing to get back to the terminus on time and forgetting to open the bus door for passengers to alight.

But the important thing, she says, is that she is working hard to improve herself.

Many netizens hope that she passes her probation period so that they will continue to see her, and advise fellow passengers not to distract her so she can focus on her work.

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