23 April 2019
Loft Industrial style is becoming more popular not only for offices but also for homes. Photo: Savills
Loft Industrial style is becoming more popular not only for offices but also for homes. Photo: Savills

Industrial style gives modern home a sophisticated edge

Tailor-made interior design expresses your unique personality, while providing you with quiet delight.

Being a veteran estate agent, I see so many clients struggling with interior design. They either don’t know what they truly want, or find it difficult to express their thoughts and ideas.

At the end of the day, most people find it hard to achieve the design they desire.

Because of that, I have been paying close attention to all sorts of information and looking at various case studies about interior design.

My studies have broadened my horizons and allowed me to assist clients in creating their ideal living environment.

I would like to share one particular exceptional interior design theme which I hope you will like – industrial style.

Loft ≠ Industrial decor style

The loft/industrial style décor is often found in coffee shops, restaurants and some offices, but recently it has become very popular in residential projects. This has led to some confusion. Basically, loft and industrial style are two different things.

Technically, a loft is not a style but rather refers to the space at the top of a house right under the roof. In other words, it’s the space for the attic.

Developed in the 20th century in New York’s Soho district, loft apartments were often large industrial spaces such as warehouses and old factories converted for residential use.

Loft style reflects the hard work and enthusiasm of artists as it combines both working and living environments in the same space.

It retained the original cement walls and raw stainless steel structures with other decorations incorporating industrial elements.

Eventually, loft apartments were considered synonymous with industrial style as the latter became an essential element of loft style.

Loft industrial style normally uses an open floor plan concept without walls separating the various sections of the house or office.

It focuses on space and can easily convey your thoughts, ideas and personality because you can play around with it.

As a result, loft industrial décor is becoming the new black in home design.

Spacious/great sense of space

● A high ceiling and spacious area, normally composed of a staircase, beams and columns.

● Minimal divisions of different areas; usually only three elements are separate the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

● Glass, screens and furniture are used to divide the space, instead of walls.

● With great flexibility, you can remodel the current style anytime you want without being restricted by the floor plan. If you seldom cook, you can use the kitchen space as a living room or modify the kitchen into a home bar.

● If there is even more space after the necessary divisions, you can use tall glass windows to let in more natural light. Apartments in Hong Kong tend to be quite compact.

Rugged and casual style

● Exposed columns, wires, pipes, etc. are the distinctive features of the original loft industrial style.

● Cold colors are suitable for loft industrial style, including the furniture.

● Wood and metal are the typical choices, but you can add glossy leather materials.

● Use glass, partitions or furniture to differentiate each “zone”.

The industrial style gives a modern home a sophisticated edge.

You do not have to worry that the strong industrial theme may turn your house into a cold and dull space.

Here are some tips on how to avoid such a concern:

● Use warm-colored furniture, especially in the bedroom, to create a soft and warm feeling.

● Add some decorations such as leather cases and retro water pipe racks to add a vintage look to your design.

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Sammie Lioe is the Senior Manager of Savills Realty Ltd.

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