24 May 2019
A donkey is pushed into the water, where two tigers pounce on it. Photo: YouTube
A donkey is pushed into the water, where two tigers pounce on it. Photo: YouTube

Angry zoo shareholder feeds live donkey to tigers

A zoo in east China’s Jiangsu province has confirmed an incident in which a live donkey was fed to captive tigers, blaming it on “radical behavior” by a shareholder.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon, when a visitor to the Yancheng Wild Animal World near Changzhou city saw the whole process and posted a video clip of what happened, reports.

The man said he saw a truck carrying animals arrive at the tiger section. Then several men in red raincoats got off the truck, pulled out a donkey and pushed it to a pond.

In the clip, two tigers are shown approaching the donkey as it struggled in the water, with one tiger biting its neck. Some visitors are heard screaming in the background.

The donkey died in about 30 minutes in the pond which had turned red with its blood.

Another witness said that a goat was about to be thrown into the pond. It was saved at the last minute by some staff and security guards who rushed to the scene.

Zoo officials said one of their shareholders was responsible for what happened, adding that he has a financial dispute with the zoo.

The shareholder said he was angry that the zoo’s assets have been frozen by a court and he could not get his investment back as a result, according to Sing Tao Daily.

He said he decided to feed the donkey to the tigers to save on feed money for the zoo.

Stunned by the clip, many netizens expressed their anger online, calling the whole thing ruthless.

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