14 November 2018
Eddie Ng has set social media abuzz after his suspected belated fight-back against a Facebook troll. Photos: HKEJ/Facebook
Eddie Ng has set social media abuzz after his suspected belated fight-back against a Facebook troll. Photos: HKEJ/Facebook

Eddie Ng in news again after purported rejoinder to online troll

Eddie Ng Hak-kim, Hong Kong’s former education secretary, has again become the subject of social media chatter, this time over his purported rejoinder to nasty Facebook messages from a netizen.

An internet user has posted a screenshot of what appears to be an angry and belated response from Ng to mocking and hurtful comments on his Facebook page by an unidentified person.

According to the screenshot, which was circulated widely online, a netizen left two messages for Ng in March and June last year, offering “congratulations” on the deaths of his mother and wife.

After more than a year, suddenly there was a reply on Wednesday that said “You too”, prompting people to wonder if Ng has belatedly decided to fight back against his online troll. 

Asked if he had indeed posted that cryptic rejoinder, Ng declined to give a clear answer, reports.

The former official, however, said that messages on Facebook should be considered private, according to the news website.

At the same time, he warned that those who use foul language on Facebook could face action, including closure of accounts, under the social media company’s guidelines.

Meanwhile, in response to the belated rejoinder, the Facebook troll left a new message for Ng, saying in a sarcastic tone that the former government official should carry a birdcage and go for exercise every morning following his retirement, rather than spend time fighting critics online.

Also, the person added that Ng should come forward and disclose whether it was it was him or his sister who actually responded to the messages from last year.

Other netizens, meanwhile, are busy discussing Ng’s suspected two-word rejoinder to his online troll, and why he has bothered to get back now after ignoring the messages for so many months.

Maybe he has too much time on his hands now after his retirement, or he could be feeling embittered, some people speculated.

Ng had a controversial record during his time as the education chief. He faced huge criticism after he pushed for scrapping the Territory-wide System Assessment for Primary 3 students and replacing it with the Basic Competency Assessment Research Study (BCA).

The former official was also accused of intentionally skipping several meetings that were held to debate the issue.

Ng had defended himself by claiming that his absence was because he had to take care of his ailing wife. 

Ng’s wife died in late June last year.  

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