20 July 2019
Huawei CEO Ken Hu says real demand has begun to emerge for 5G technologies. Photo: Bloomberg
Huawei CEO Ken Hu says real demand has begun to emerge for 5G technologies. Photo: Bloomberg

Huawei in early 5G trials with more than 30 telcos: CEO

China’s Huawei Technologies is conducting pre-commercial 5G trials in many of the world’s biggest cities, including Seoul, Tokyo, London, Milan and Vancouver, the firm’s chief executive said on Monday.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ken Hu said the pace of commercialization for next-generation 5G wireless network is picking up and that Hauwei has begun pre-commercial development with more than 30 network operators, Reuters reports.

Asked about reports that the US has raised security concerns with Australian government over Huawei’s role in building communication networks there, Hu said the Chinese firm is willing to work with authorities to ease any fears.

“We are very happy to conduct open and transparent discussion with the Australian government and telecom operators,” he said. “On this issue we stay very positive and open.”

Talking to reporters at the annual industry event in Spain, Hu said he welcomes “factual debate” about any security concerns governments or network operators may have about security threats arising from Huawei’s products.

A bill introduced in the US Senate this month would bar equipment from Huawei from any US government networks to prevent Chinese spying.

Hu dismissed Washington’s concerns that Huawei’s products pose security threats, calling the fears “groundless suspicions”.

The CEO, however, agrees on one point US security officials have made: Deeper security threats lurk in the extended supply chains of thousands of partners which Huawei and other network suppliers must rely upon to develop, produce and distribute their products around the world.

Huawei has signed 5G field trial agreements with 45 operators, according to the CEO, who added that 2018 will mark the first year of commercialization for 5G.

“We have seen the emergence of real demand for 5G technologies,” Hu said. 

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