18 July 2019
Apple’s new recycling robot can disassemble up to 200 iPhone devices per hour. Photo: Apple
Apple’s new recycling robot can disassemble up to 200 iPhone devices per hour. Photo: Apple

Apple unveils its new iPhone recycling robot ‘Daisy’

Apple on Thursday introduced a new iPhone recycling robot, alongside several recycling initiatives.

The tech giant launched a robot which can disassemble used iPhones with greater efficiency and sort the phone components for recycling.

The recycling robot is able to disassemble nine versions of iPhone, tearing them apart at the rate of up to 200 units per hour, according to Mashable.

Daisy is said to have been developed from some of the parts of Liam, the tech firm’s first disassembling robot rolled out in 2016.

The company also announced on the same day the Apple GiveBack program, where customers can hand in their Apple devices at any Apple Store or via the Apple website to get the gadgets recycled or traded in.

Apple will make a donation to a US nonprofit environment organization, Conservation International, for each Apple device received from now until April 30.

The announcement of the Daisy robot and the GiveBack program were made prior to Earth Day, which falls on April 22.

On April 21, Apple Watch users will get a notification on an Earth Day Challenge, which is an activity encouraging them to go and exercise outdoors for a minimum of 30 minutes on Sunday.

The users will obtain “a special achievement and unique stickers in iMessage” if they accomplish the physical activity during the Earth Day, Apple said in a press release.

Also, on Thursday Apple released its annual Environment Report, which comprises details of the firm’s environmental progress in three priority areas.

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Apple has unveiled ‘Daisy’, the company’s new iPhone recycling robot, as the world prepares to mark Earth Day on April 22. Photo: Apple

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