20 July 2019
A tour planner can set up a calendar online and share with other families seeking a common travel experience. Photo: Freepick
A tour planner can set up a calendar online and share with other families seeking a common travel experience. Photo: Freepick

How technology makes trip-planning so easy

With the onset of the summer holiday season, many parents are planning family trips with their children. In recent years, we have noticed a trend where several families would opt to travel together. The reason is simple: children can spend more time with their friends, and the adults will also have companions.

In the past, such travelers arranged the trips through travel agencies, but now new technologies are allowing them to organize and create travel groups on their own.

For example, a planner can set up a calendar for the trip on Google and share with other families.

A tailor-made trip can suit the needs of different members of the team, but it would also require more time to do research. Nevertheless, that’s the part I enjoy the most.

For example, if you want to try famous local food or visit certain Michelin restaurants during the trip, you would pay more attention to related reviews.

And one can use software with clip and paste function and put all related websites or pictures on a digital map.

Print screen is another way of aggregating the information. I would capture useful information through print screen function and then use phone screen stitcher app to put them together. For those who prefer to write notes on a book, they can take a picture of the notes and save them.

One can also use e-note to plan the trip. For example, an app like Evernote has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function, which can recognize handwritten texts and record them. It’s very useful for people like me who want to save their instant ideas and share with friends.

I can also update all information on different devices using cloud. I would usually set up a new file for the destination, such as Travel.Italy, and put all useful information into the file.

Japan is one of my favorite countries. I like Japanese travel magazines, which offer very detailed and updated information. One can get unlimited access to latest travel magazines in Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong on e-book platforms such as Kindle or Kono, for less than HK$100 per month.

It’s not that difficult to plan a unique trip and put together a personalized tourist guide book with all these new technologies.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on July 9

Translation by Julie Zhu

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