15 July 2019
A meme juxtaposing the images of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger with Xi Jinping and Barack Obama has been banned from Chinese social media. Photo: Internet
A meme juxtaposing the images of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger with Xi Jinping and Barack Obama has been banned from Chinese social media. Photo: Internet

An imagined letter from Winnie the Pooh to President Xi

Dear President Xi Jinping,

I am writing to beg you to reconsider your gatekeepers’ decision to ban Christopher Robin, my 13th movie, in your country.

I have always felt proud to be identified with you – not with US President Donald Trump or North Korean leader Kim Jong-un – although we are all of the same build and we all have millions of fans.

Unfortunately, my images have been cut, erased, and pixelated in China’s online and offline worlds after that famous image of you and President Obama walking at Sunnylands in California in 2013, which was juxtaposed with an image of me and my friend Tigger, went viral on social media.

I found that combination of images sooo cute and sooo adorable. Didn’t you? That’s why I find it hard to comprehend why your eager and dutiful censors would be so upset as to seek to consign it to nonexistence.

I had read those Weibo and WeChat messages about those combo images before they were expunged, but they were only meant to be funny. So please, Mr. President, don’t be offended.

I know your censors only want to uphold the dignity of your office, especially now that there are no term limits to prevent you from pursuing your goals for the good of the nation.

To set the record straight, I am a big fan of yours for what you have done and have been doing since you assumed office in 2012. I could only imagine how impossibly huge a task it is to govern a nation, and the world’s most populous nation at that.

However, I must admit i know nothing about politics. I have been described as a loveable bear but with very little brain.

I heard that you’re fighting really hard against corruption, and your enemies are looking at every opportunity to put you down.

But please don’t consider me as your enemy, or that I am being used by your enemies. I am just a bear. I am not even real.

My latest movie, which ranks No. 2 on the box-office charts since opening last week, is an entertainment fare for all ages. It has no violent or sexy scenes, no parental guidance is required. It is just a family movie.

And rest assured it has no political content, and nothing about it pertains or alludes to your public or private life.

I am not asking you to endorse my movie, just allow it to be shown in your country, regardless of your tit-for-tat with Mr. Trump on trade.

Just for the record, I only joined the Walt Disney family in 1966 but I was originally from Britain, a country that is on the verge of Brexit and may need your support.

I am going to be 95 next year (but still as cute and loveable as ever) and my wish is to meet you in person in the Great Hall of the People, where you have hosted leaders of the Belt and Road countries.

If you need a mascot for your great Belt and Road initiative, I am at your service. I can start learning Mandarin and simplified Chinese. Trust me, this initiative of yours will gain more traction if you change its name to Bear and Road.

You’ve probably heard my slogan, “Find the thing you love and stick with it.” Some netizens say it’s appropriate for you since you amended your country’s constitution, which now allows you to govern indefinitely. You have my permission to use it whenever you want. My slogan, of course, refers to “hunny” (honey), which I hope you also like.

I also would like to send you a box containing my 13 movies, including my latest one, which I am sure is already available in any of the countless shops selling pirated DVDs in your country.

As you shall see, they are all good, clean, healthy movies.

Long live, President Xi!

Yours truly,

Winnie the Pooh

EJ Insight writer

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