29 February 2020
A CCTV footage shows a girl believed to be Chan Yin-lam, 15, getting off and a man staying in the elevator.
A CCTV footage shows a girl believed to be Chan Yin-lam, 15, getting off and a man staying in the elevator. Photo: HKDI/VTC

School unveils more footage of student, 15, before her death

The Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) on Tuesday released more video clips from campus surveillance cameras in which one of its students was last seen before she was found dead in the sea.

The school, located in Tiu Keng Leng, had released two video clips of the 15-year-old girl, Chan Yin-lam, on Monday, but some students accused the HKDI of tampering with the video.

Chan was a student at Youth College, which shares one of its campuses with the HKDI. Both schools are managed by the Vocational Training Council.

A group of black-clad people went to the campus later in the afternoon and vandalized some of the school facilities, including the learning resources center and study rooms. The incident prompted the school to suspend classes for three days until Thursday.

Insisting that it has no reason to hide the truth, the HKDI on Tuesday unveiled three more video clips later in the day, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

In one of the clips, which was taken at 5:50 p.m. on Sept. 19, the day Chan had gone missing, a girl believed to be her was seen walking into an elevator holding documents as she kept looking around.

A man walked in on another floor. The video ended after the girl got off on another floor, leaving the man alone in the elevator.

The second clip showed the man getting off on another floor, about 20 seconds after the elevator doors closed.

In the third clip, which was from a CCTV installed at the school’s parking lot and lasted for only a few seconds, a girl resembling Chan was seen exiting the gate at around 7 p.m. on Sept. 19.

As the picture was blurred, it was hard to ascertain the girl was walking barefoot toward the waterfront as claimed by the police.

The school stressed that none of the clips had been deleted or edited except for the faces of unrelated people that had to be pixelated to protect their privacy, adding that it would retain all of the clips.

A naked female body was found floating in the sea off Yau Tong on Sept. 22, a day after Chan was reported missing by her family to the police. Police later confirmed to Apple Daily that the body was that of Chan’s.

Police told a press conference last week that no suspicious wound or any indications of sexual assault were found in the autopsy and the case was listed as suicide.

However, some of her schoolmates suspected that she did not take her own life but died of other causes as she was said to have participated in anti-government protests shortly before her death.

Chan’s body has since been cremated, Apple Daily reported, citing sources.

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