18 September 2019

Dr. Winnie Tang

Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong
  • GIS involves multiple disciplines, such as database, images, applied mathematics and mathematical models. Representational image: Bloomberg

    The latest education trend: Integrating GIS with STEM

    - Sep 11, 2019 11:01am
    STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education has been advocated for about 10 years, and has become one of the most sought after subjects in Hong Kong. Let us now look into some new developments in relation...
  • The green wall of the storm water storage tank at Tai Hang Tung Recreation Playground has won many design awards, Photo: HK Govt

    How vertical greening can help alleviate global warming

    - Sep 2, 2019 10:44am
    Temperatures in Europe hit new highs this summer. According to an analysis conducted by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), an organization that aims to support adaptation and mitigation policies of the European Union by providing...
  • The green wall along Yeung Uk Road in Tsuen Wan helps absorb fumes and reduce traffic noise. Photo: Esri China (Hong Kong)

    Hong Kong is ideal place for vertical greening

    - Aug 26, 2019 4:49pm
    Patrick Blanc, an internationally renowned vertical garden designer who has visited Hong Kong, said the city‘s climate, which is warm and humid most of the time, makes it an ideal location for vertical greening.  In fact,...
  • Mobile banking is becoming popular not only among young people but also among the middle-aged groups, studies have found. Photo: Reuters

    Banking in the mobile era

    - Aug 19, 2019 10:25am
    Today, smartphones are indispensable. The generation Z born after the millennium has grown up with Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and Spotify at their fingertips. They use mobile phones for chatting, playing games, making friends, listening to music,...
  • The HKMA has taken a series of initiatives to bolster Hong Kong's status as an international financial center, including the licensing of virtual banks. Photo: Bloomberg

    Hong Kong’s financial technology is getting traction

    - Aug 13, 2019 5:01pm
    Innovative technology continues to transform traditional industries.  The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has launched a series of initiatives to bolster the city’s status as an international financial center. At the end of last year, it started...
  • Over-fishing has caused serious damage to marine ecosystems in many parts of the world. Photo: Bloomberg

    Environmental sustainability and economic interests

    - Aug 9, 2019 10:51am
    The United Nations recently published a study, involving 400 experts from 50 countries, which predicted that human activities — such as industrial farming, fishing and use of petrochemical energy — will drive nearly a further one...
  • Multiple layers of information in conjunction with traffic flow, accidents and public transport services updates will create a dynamic Intelligent Road Network. Photo: Bloomberg

    Enhanced intelligent road network critical for smart mobility

    - Aug 9, 2019 9:15am
    Hong Kong aims to establish a one-stop data supermarket or common spatial data infrastructure (CSDI) by 2022 to facilitate sharing of geospatial data among government departments and enterprises. The Legislative Council Panel on Development discussed the...
  • The Accessguide website allows the elderly to locate barrier-free facilities in tourist attractions, shopping malls, restaurants and other places in Hong Kong.  
Photo: The Accessguide

    How to enable smart mobility for the elderly

    - Jul 29, 2019 5:01pm
    According to the Statistics Department, those aged 65 and above will exceed 30 percent of the total population by 2036, and the situation will continue for at least another 30 years. The elderly must maintain contact...
  • Building more bicycle lanes with direct connection to the public transportation network will encourage more people to take up biking as a major mode of transport.  Photo: CNSA

    Cycling to work in Hong Kong

    - Jul 23, 2019 4:41pm
    How attractive is Hong Kong from the viewpoint of startups? Real estate services provider Savills assessed 30 cities from around the world with criteria ranging from the volume of inward venture capital investment to the cost...
  • Authorities in Manila are confronting a host of problems, including severe traffic congestion, rising pollution and poor social infrastructure. Photo: Bloomberg

    Strength assessment is key to success of smart city devt

    - Jul 8, 2019 1:45pm
    Philippines and Indonesia are rich in natural resources but face common problems such as severe traffic congestion and air pollution amid an urbanization trend. Given the issues, questions arise as to how such countries should proceed...
  • Typhoon Mangkhut caused significant economic losses to Hong Kong last year. Photo: Reuters

    Strengthening urban resilience to natural disasters

    - Jun 24, 2019 12:07pm
    Given the global warming problem, what will the world look like, say, in 100 years? Recently, a group of researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of California, Berkeley, explored how global temperatures, sea...
  • Hong Kong is well placed to offer its expertise and technology to developing countries in the region for smart city projects, an observer says. Photo: Bloomberg

    Huge business opportunity for HK in smart city services

    - Jun 17, 2019 11:29am
    According to Frost & Sullivan, smart city global market potential on initiatives pertaining to sectors  such as transportation, healthcare, construction, energy, infrastructure and governance, can reach as much as US$1.5 trillion in total, close to the...
  • Using the Space Capsule developed by Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, diagnostics information such as pulse, facial and tongue image previously collected by human doctors can now be collected by machine. Photo:

    How new technologies transform Chinese herbal medicine

    - Jun 10, 2019 12:40pm
    Some people may hold the view that Chinese herbal medicine is non-scientific and not based on rational deduction. However, the fact is that Chinese medicine practitioners follow theory-sets and recorded experience of previous practitioners in four...
  • Efforts to develop a smart city must ensure the privacy of citizens as they enjoy the benefits of innovative technologies. Photo: AFP

    Ensuring privacy in a smart city

    - Jun 5, 2019 12:11pm
    What is the core value of a smart city? This topic recently aroused much interest. I have just finished teaching the last lesson of a Master’s degree program in smart city at the University of Hong...
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is the among the higher education institutions that have launched interdisciplinary programs to train young people to meet future challenges. Photo: HKUST

    The primary purpose of university education

    - Jun 5, 2019 11:11am
    Employment and education have been closely related for a long time. According to the Census and Statistics Department, for men, the median monthly salary of those who are less educated and those with a university degree...
  • Hong Kong's experience in smart city development can serve as a reference for other places in Asia, an expert says. Photo: Bloomberg

    Smart city services that Hong Kong can export

    - May 21, 2019 10:39am
    The Trade Development Council just released a study on business opportunities in Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the country’s smart city program “offers huge untapped potential for Hong Kong companies”. Many Middle East countries are eager...
  • Taiwan has used smart city solutions to improve the quality of life on the island. Photo: AFP

    How Taiwan exports its smart city services

    - May 14, 2019 4:32pm
    Smart city developments offer huge business opportunities. By 2022, according to research institute IDC, the Asia-Pacific region will be the main driving area in the development of smart cities, with spending reaching above US$60 billion, or...
  • Virtual reality is often associated with games, but the technology is also being increasingly used in medical services. Photo: Reuters

    Virtual reality relieves pain of patients

    - May 6, 2019 3:02pm
    When it comes to virtual reality (VR), most people may think of computer games, but the application of VR is far more than that. VR is widely applied today in medical services, particularly in pain management....
  • R&D breakthroughs won't amount to anything if efforts are not made to develop practical applications for the market. Photo: Bloomberg

    Commercialization of scientific results helps retain talents

    - Apr 30, 2019 12:18pm
    Governments around the world are stepping up efforts to strengthen STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education for their young people. Hong Kong is no exception. The city’s top leader, meanwhile, has also vowed to boost investment...
  • Israel offers lessons on how we can boost our development in technology and innovation. Photo: AFP

    Women strive to realize potential in tech world

    - Apr 23, 2019 11:34am
    According to a study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) last year, Israel ranks second in the world, behind the United States, in terms of venture capital investment, measured as a proportion of...