22 April 2019

Dr. Chan Hau-ngai

Specialist in Dermatology & Venereology, FHKAM (Medicine)
  • Sunscreen should be chosen based on the skin type. People with oily skin should use a light formula while those with dry skin should pick a moisturizing formula. Photo: Reuters

    Tips on choosing the right sunscreen

    - Jun 15, 2018 5:00pm
    Scorching weather has been the most discussed subject in daily conversations and on social media platforms in recent days, with the big fat sun emerging as the most popular emoji icon. During summer time, the ultraviolet...
  • Hormonal changes and stress in women during pregnancy can cause many negative effects on the skin. Photo: Reuters

    Skincare tips during pregnancy

    - May 4, 2018 5:30pm
    It is every would-be-mother’s wish to have beautiful skin that provides for greater confidence for taking selfies for sharing or for preserving memories while expecting a lovely newborn. However, hormonal changes and stress in women during...
  • Babies have delicate skin, which easily gets irritated because of the dry weather during winter. Photo: Xinhua

    Winter skincare for babies

    - Feb 23, 2018 3:33pm
    The dry, chilly winter air is particularly tough on babies. Infants, who have delicate skin, may encounter various skin problems due to dryness and sensitivity. Here are four common skin problems: Eczema. Skin becomes dry, itchy and...
  • Applying moisturizers is the most effective way to improve one's skin condition. However, moisturizer should not be over-applied. Photo:

    Why moisturizing the skin matters to everyone

    - Dec 29, 2017 5:03pm
    Human skin is the outer protective covering of the body, which is also responsible for our appearance. As the weather is getting colder these days with a relatively low humidity, many people may feel dry and even...

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