19 November 2018

Bernard Chan

Executive Council member and former legislator; Hong Kong delegate to the National People’s Congress
  • Hong Kong has been dropping as a hub for maritime services. We now rank seventh in the world, behind Singapore, Hamburg, Oslo, Shanghai, London and Rotterdam. Photo: Reuters

    Should tax incentives be used to support HK’s maritime industry?

    - Oct 29, 2018 12:40pm
    In her policy address on Oct. 10, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor announced a large number of policies ranging from land to transport and healthcare. Understandably, her ideas on livelihood issues grabbed a lot of...
  • Some health professionals agree that e-cigarettes are probably less harmful than the traditional sort – but not all do. Photo: Reuters

    How should policymakers approach e-cigarettes?

    - Aug 30, 2018 12:18pm
    The Hong Kong government is proud of its tobacco control efforts. The rate of smoking among the adult population is now below 20 percent. Officials believe they can get the number down to below 10 percent...
  • The HKeMobility app aims to provide a quick and more convenient way to search for routes of different transportation modes, journey times and fares, as well as disseminate real-time traffic news. Photo: HK Govt

    Smart City path needs to be inclusive and bottom-up

    - Jul 30, 2018 1:36pm
    The Hong Kong government recently launched the HKeMobility app. After downloading it onto their smartphones free of charge, residents can use it to plan trips around the city by road, rail, foot, and so on. It...
  • The numbers of women coming forward publicly made it clear that sexual harassment is far more common than we would want to think. Photo: Reuters

    The #MeToo movement

    - Jul 3, 2018 1:56pm
    Only nine months ago, the American news media reported that a number of women were accusing film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. What happened next perhaps changed the world. Hundreds of women used the hashtag...
  • Art therapy incorporates all kinds of art form such as movement, dance, music, visual art, writing and drama. Image:

    How arts inclusion can counter social exclusion

    - May 30, 2018 8:54am
    Most of us in Hong Kong have probably not heard much about ‘arts inclusion’. It is about countering social exclusion through improving access to arts and culture for the marginalized. In Hong Kong, marginalization tends to...
  • In Hong Kong, the median household income has grown more slowly than GDP over the last 15-20 years. Photo: Bloomberg

    The accuracy of GDP as a measurement

    - May 2, 2018 12:39pm
    Business guru Peter Drucker said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. His reasoning was simple: without an accurate way to measure results, you have no way to tell whether your management methods are successful. Government...
  • Chinese NGOs such as One Foundation have linked up with international groups to get relief supplies and workers into disaster areas overseas. Photo: CNSA

    Chinese NGOs expand activities overseas

    - Mar 29, 2018 4:48pm
    China’s role in international affairs has changed massively in the last couple of decades. The country is likely to further expand its global engagement in the coming years, and its non-government organizations will probably play a...
  • Hong Kong's stock market operator is gathering opinions as to what need to be done to encourage high-growth innovative companies to list on the local bourse. Photo: Reuters

    Why stock listing rules reform is so critical to HK

    - Mar 2, 2018 5:05pm
    Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) recently released a consultation paper on potential change of listing rules that can help attract more innovative companies to the local bourse. The paper contains proposals to attract two types...
  • In the United States, it is usual in many grade schools for all students to stand for the pledge of allegiance every morning before class. Photo: YouTube

    National Anthem Law doesn’t have to be controversial

    - Feb 7, 2018 4:44pm
    Last November, the standing committee of the National People’s Congress inserted a law against insulting the national anthem into Hong Kong’s Basic Law. This followed the passing of a similar law applying on the mainland. In...
  • The Chinese system has a tradition of long-term planning and targets, whereas there is far less central or state planning in the United States. Photo: Reuters

    Economic planning: US vs China

    - Dec 27, 2017 11:57am
    As 2017 comes to an end, the big economic and business story is probably the passage of a major tax-cutting bill in the US House of Representatives. The tax cuts were one of US President Donald...
  • Taxi licenses in Hong Kong have traded at around HK$7.25 million each but the arrival of Uber and other ride-hailing apps has created a lot of uncertainty. Photo: HKEJ

    How AI feeds growing uncertainty

    - Nov 30, 2017 9:02am
    It was only a few years ago in 2013 that a major controversy blew up when the Hong Kong government rejected HKTV’s application for a free-to-air TV broadcasting license. Since that time, we have seen ATV...
  • The policy address of Carrie Lam (pictured here) last month marked a serious attempt to propose bold but realistic ways to resolve some pressing issues, says Bernard Chan. Photo: CNSA

    New thinking in Carrie Lam’s policy address

    - Nov 2, 2017 1:20pm
    Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s policy address last month was a departure from past practice in several ways. First, the date for delivering the address was moved forward, from January 2018 to October this year. This will...
  • Many academics broadly agree that inequality is linked with globalization and technological change, and more recently with loose monetary policy. Photo Credit:

    How technology and monetary policy contribute to inequality

    - Sep 28, 2017 8:00am
    A month or so ago, the media showed US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen posing in front of beautiful mountain scenery. That was the Economic Policy Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – a gathering of international...
  • An amazing 50 percent of people born today can expect to live to the age of 100. Photo: HKYWCA

    Adapting to longer life spans

    - Aug 31, 2017 11:47am
    We hear a lot about the aging population – and usually it is negative. In reality, it is a remarkable example of human social and technological progress. In less than a century, humanity in much of...
  • Enamel Teapot with Plum Flowers on Red Ground, Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Under the agreement, long-term loans of Chinese treasures will be possible. Photo: Palace Museum

    How HK Palace Museum will contribute to city life

    - Jul 28, 2017 4:27pm
    At the end of June, the signing ceremony of the collaborative agreement on the Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM) took place. The agreement was signed by Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung, on behalf of the West Kowloon...
  • The HKEx strategic roadmap envisages Hong Kong developing markets in a wider range of listings including A-share risk-hedging and derivatives, bonds, RMB hedging and commodities. Photo: Reuters

    Why HK financial hub story has a long way to go

    - Jun 29, 2017 12:06pm
    The 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong is a time for the media to look back – and especially to make comparisons between life in 1997 and 2017. There is a pattern to much...
  • A shrinking population could lead to less economic activity and thus fewer career opportunities for the young generation. Photo: HKEJ

    Immigration: Why HK should keep the door open

    - May 16, 2017 3:07pm
    In much of the US and Europe, and in some developed Asian economies like Japan or Singapore, immigration is a hot subject and, for many people, unpopular. In Hong Kong, it is not currently a big...
  • Hong Kong students rarely argue that opposing views should be banned from campus.Photo: HKEJ

    Freedom of speech and our political divide

    - Apr 25, 2017 9:42am
    In the past couple of years, we have heard a growing number of complaints and warnings that freedom of speech is under threat in universities in Hong Kong. However, similar charges are being made elsewhere, especially...
  • Hong Kong is not alone in seeing growing economic and social divisions, but the city faces some unique challenges. Photo: Bloomberg

    What Hong Kong must do to stay ahead

    - Mar 27, 2017 2:15pm
    Much of the discussion and debate about Hong Kong’s future in recent years has come back to one pessimistic assumption: the city’s best days are over. This assumption feeds into the uncertainty and distrust we see...
  • Complying with international standards and regulations to help fight money laundering and tax evasion is important for maintaining HK’s financial hub status. Photo: CNSA

    HK banks must learn to live with cross-border information rules

    - Feb 27, 2017 3:40pm
    The international financial system has undergone major changes in the last few decades. Among them is a huge increase in the amount of money flowing around the world. Capital controls have weakened, and cross-border trade and...

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