25 January 2020

SC Yeung

EJ Insight writer
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks during the firm’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California, on June 3. Photo: Reuters

    Can iPad become a growth engine for Apple with new OS?

    - Jun 5, 2019 1:40pm
    Apple has unveiled the next versions of operating systems for its entire hardware portfolio, promising several key improvements. Among the many initiatives that were highlighted on Monday at the firm’s annual developer conference in San Jose, what...
  • China will soon issue commercial 5G licenses, allowing the nation's telcos to speed up launch of the next-generation mobile networks. Photo: Bloomberg

    Why China is in a hurry to issue 5G licenses

    - Jun 4, 2019 2:16pm
    Confronting a trade and tech war, Beijing is keen to prove a point to Washington, as well as the rest of the world, that it has the strength and capability to stand on its own and...
  • Amazon last week launched a portal in the Kindle store with 20,000 Traditional Chinese titles. Photo: Bloomberg

    Why Amazon launched Traditional Chinese e-book support

    - May 30, 2019 1:06pm
    Amazon, though focused on its e-commerce platform, is not forgetting its digital publishing business under the Kindle brand. A recent update of the e-reader device has support for Traditional Chinese books, demonstrating the company’s commitment to...
  • Xiaomi is pursuing a multi-brand strategy to expand its market reach. Photo: Reuters

    Will the Redmi K20 Pro help Xiaomi catch up with Huawei?

    - May 29, 2019 4:34pm
    Xiaomi was China’s largest smartphone maker at one point in time in the past, establishing its presence before other domestic brands such as Oppo, Vivo and Huawei entered the market. But the company failed to retain...
  • People walk past an Apple store in Beijing. There have been fears that the US tech giant could be targeted by the Chinese amid Beijing’s trade war with Washington. Photo: Reuters

    Why China won’t target Apple despite the US Huawei ban

    - May 28, 2019 4:01pm
    Washington’s sanctions on Huawei Technologies have stirred nationalist sentiment in China and prompted some mainlanders to call for retaliation against American firms. With the US trade war threatening to morph into an attack on the Chinese...
  • A Huawei logo is seen at the firm’s research center in Shanghai. The Chinese telecoms equipment giant is likely to step up development of own technologies in the wake of US sanctions. Photo: Reuters

    Can Huawei cope without ARM chipset support?

    - May 23, 2019 2:39pm
    The US trade blacklist on Huawei has prompted several tech firms globally to cut or scale back their business links with the Chinese telecom equipment giant.  Following the moves of entities such as Google, Qualcomm and...
  • Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 3 5G is one of the first 5G smartphones available in the European market. As Huawei faces problems, Xiaomi has an opportunity to narrow the gap with its bigger rival. Photo: Bloomberg

    Will Xiaomi benefit from Huawei’s woes?

    - May 22, 2019 2:15pm
    With Huawei facing mounting troubles amid a US trade blacklist, rival Chinese smartphone makers have a chance to narrow the gap in market shares in the industry with their bigger rival. Among the firms that will...
  • Huawei will find Google's action a huge roadblock to its global ambitions. Photo: Reuters

    Is there life for Huawei after Google ban?

    - May 21, 2019 1:47pm
    Google dropped a bombshell on Monday by announcing that it will no longer provide support to upcoming smartphones of Huawei Technologies, in line with a US government order placing the Chinese telecommunications equipment giant on a...
  • While Apple Pay is now available in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, it can only be used in chain shops and department stores with NFC-compatible POS devices. Photo: Bloomberg

    How Apple Pay NFC function can help drive revenue growth

    - May 16, 2019 12:43pm
    Having been in the market for more than four years, Apple Pay has seen its usage rise in the United States and several overseas markets such as Hong Kong. However, there’s still a huge room for...
  • Apple has been accused of using its monopoly control to inflate the prices for apps on its App Store. Photo: Bloomberg

    What lies ahead for Apple’s App Store amid antitrust case?

    - May 15, 2019 1:55pm
    As it seeks to transform itself into a services-oriented entity amid slowing hardware sales, Apple has suffered a potential setback in relation to an important revenue driver: the App Store. On Monday, the US Supreme Court...
  • A breakup of Facebook will improve data security and proper use of such data. Photo: Bloomberg

    Will breaking up Facebook solve its ills?

    - May 14, 2019 3:37pm
    Many believe that Facebook has evolved into one of those “too big to fail” entities with about 2.3 billion active monthly users. It is a social network that is not only used by people to communicate...
  • The Live Captions feature in Google's Android Q could prove one of the most important breakthroughs in mobile operating systems this decade. Photo: Reuters/AFP

    Live Captions, 5G likely to drive faster Android Q adoption

    - May 9, 2019 12:52pm
    On Tuesday night Google unveiled its latest mobile operating system, Android Q, at its annual developer conference in Mountainview, California. Android, of course, is the market leader with more than 90 percent share of the operating...
  • HTC's virtual reality business has yet to become a major revenue source that could offset the sharp decline in smartphone sales. Photo: AFP

    Can HTC survive without smartphone sales?

    - May 8, 2019 12:53pm
    HTC announced earlier this week that revenue for April dropped 71 percent to NT$590 million (US$19.08 million) from the same period last year as smartphone sales declined.  The company, based in Xindian District, New Taipei City,...
  • Google has been running a small-scale smartphone business over the past few years under the Pixel brand. Photo: AFP

    Is Google serious about its smartphone business?

    - May 7, 2019 12:16pm
    Google, the world’s largest search engine operator, will host its annual developer conference on Tuesday.  The company is expected to unveil updates to its Android operating system as well as other new initiatives related to its...
  • Facebook wants to return to becoming a closed peer-to-peer communications platform for friends and relatives. Photo: Reuters

    Facebook Groups could spell more trouble for users

    - May 3, 2019 12:16pm
    Facebook has transformed itself from a small-circle communications tool for Harvard students into a global social network. Now the company wants to shift its focus and return to becoming a closed peer-to-peer communications platform for friends...
  • Apple has shifted investors’ focus from iPhone to other businesses. Photo: AFP

    How Apple regained investors’ favor

    - May 2, 2019 12:25pm
    Apple, which positions itself as a digital service provider and hardware maker, has once again become the investors’ favorite after the company announced better than expected quarterly results. Investors accumulated Apple shares on the back of...
  • With the acquisition of Terark, ByteDance will gain a strong partner in managing its huge data and thus be able to offer a higher quality of service to users in China and overseas. Photo: Reuters/Internet

    ByteDance eyes big data push with Terark acquisition

    - Apr 30, 2019 12:35pm
    ByteDance, one of China’s leading mobile internet companies and parent of TikTok and Toutiao apps, has acquired Beijing-based big data firm Terark for an undisclosed sum, allowing it to broaden its customer base to market leaders...
  • OnePlus ranked fifth among the top-selling brands in the premium smartphone market for 2018. Photo: AFP

    OnePlus 7 Pro set to challenge top rivals in premium segment

    - Apr 25, 2019 1:40pm
    On May 14 OnePlus will host three simultaneous events in three cities: New York City, London, and Bangalore, during which it is expected to launch its latest flagship smartphone series. The new series will come with...
  • China Unicom says its 5G network will feature several new applications including 8K VR streaming, 5G cloud gaming, high-definition video streaming and Internet of Things. Photo: Bloomberg

    China Unicom makes its 5G ambitions clear

    - Apr 24, 2019 2:13pm
    China Unicom may be smaller in size compared to the other state-owned telecoms operators, China Mobile and China Telecom, but that has not stopped the firm from aiming for a leadership role in the nation’s 5G...
  • As it investigates reports of screen-related problems, Samsung has deferred the launch of its Galaxy Fold smartphone. Photo: Bloomberg

    Samsung had no choice but to delay Galaxy Fold launch

    - Apr 23, 2019 4:46pm
    Samsung has suffered a major embarrassment as it has been forced to walk back plans for a rollout of the Galaxy Fold smartphone in the market. Just days before a scheduled launch in the US, the...