23 July 2018

SC Yeung

EJ Insight writer
  • Money is key for small fish in smartphone ocean

    - Feb 10, 2014 8:14am
    China’s smartphone makers are seeking fresh funding from venture capitalists as the homegrown firms try to scale up their businesses amid intensifying competition in the market. There is renewed buzz in the sector after Xiaomi saw...
  • China will let the market play a more decisive role in the pricing of farm products. Photo: Bloomberg

    POLICY WATCH: Govt to reduce role in farm produce market

    - Feb 10, 2014 7:29am
    China is seeking to reduce government interference in the pricing mechanism for agricultural products and allow market forces to play a more decisive role in the sector. The National Development and Reform Commission, which oversees the...
  • New CEO brings fresh hopes for Microsoft to boost China growth

    - Feb 7, 2014 8:06am
    Microsoft Inc.’s appointment of Satya Nadella as its new chief executive brings fresh hopes that the software giant will boost growth in China, the world’s largest internet and telecommunications market, particularly in cloud computing and smart mobile...
  • Pressure on China's water supplies is expected to rise as cities expand throughout the country. Photo: Reuters

    POLICY WATCH: Putting a price on water conservation

    - Feb 5, 2014 12:37pm
    China will give local governments across the nation a free hand to set water rates and implement tiered pricing to encourage users to cut back on the essential resource. China, with 19 percent of the world’s...
  • Will’s logistics bet pay off as it takes on Alibaba?

    - Feb 5, 2014 9:50am Inc, the Chinese e-commerce major which filed for a US initial public offering (IPO) last week, has been a front-runner in the online shopping market in the mainland in the past five years as it...
  • How LinkedIn can find a top-tier job in China

    - Feb 4, 2014 3:55pm
    For mainland job hunters and employers, there are just two names in online recruitment: and The local players dominate the mass market, leaving little apparent room for leading global recruitment website LinkedIn. But there is...
  • Internet security plays could pay off big time

    - Feb 3, 2014 3:10pm
    With cyber security becoming a major challenge in the modern age, given the array of sophisticated tools and surveillance programs in the hands of spying agencies and expert hackers, China is seeking to beef up its...
  • Ma Ying-jeou hopes to cement China ties to boost the Taiwan economy. Photo: Reuters

    POLICY WATCH: Bridging the cross-strait trust deficit

    - Jan 29, 2014 12:41pm
    Can China and Taiwan overcome mutual suspicions and build an institutional framework to improve ties with each other, while setting aside long-standing and contentious political issues? That is the question that is playing on minds of...
  • China aims to help local chip makers take on international majors like ARM Holdings. Photo:Bloomberg

    Rewiring China chip makers to take on the world

    - Jan 29, 2014 11:25am
    China may be the heart of global gadget manufacturing but it’s a long way off from being the brains of the operation. Whether it’s PlayStations or iPhones, most of the semiconductors used in made-in-China electronics run...
  • China Mobile needs to open up to a new way of doing things to thrive in the 4G era. Photo: Bloomberg

    Tune in, China Mobile, and think on new 4G wavelength

    - Jan 29, 2014 8:36am
    China Mobile (00941.HK), the nation’s biggest mobile operator by user base, is betting on its 4G rollout to regain share in the high-speed mobile broadband market. Using homegrown TD-LTE technology, the state-owned giant is partnering with Apple...
  • Next challenge for Chinese phone makers: the upgraders’ market

    - Jan 27, 2014 8:58am
    Major domestic smartphone makers have exceeded expectations in deepening their market penetration. But with nine out of 10 people forecast to own at least one smartphone this year, manufacturers would need more than just a low-price advantage...
  • CITIC 21CN deal could be Alibaba’s fund-raising Plan B

    - Jan 24, 2014 9:21am
    Everyone knows that Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., China’s biggest e-commerce company, has been eyeing an initial public offering in Hong Kong to raise funds, and also its plans to buy back some stake held by Yahoo...
  • Internet rivals take O2O fight to the streets

    - Jan 23, 2014 8:14am
    China’s internet giants are in a race to build their online-to-offline (O2O) business to encourage customers to use their payment platforms. This is a key step toward a nationwide mobile e-commerce ecosystem. Alibaba Group and Tencent...
  • Shanghai is intensifying efforts to implement financial reforms. Photo: Bloomberg

    POLICY WATCH: Shanghai FTZ pledges major progress on key reforms

    - Jan 22, 2014 2:23pm
    Shanghai’s newly established free trade zone will help the city fulfill its dream of becoming the country’s premier financial hub by pushing forward major economic reforms and attracting foreign investment. However, its contribution to the nation’s...
  • In view of its huge cash pile

    POLICY WATCH: SOEs urged to invest cash reserves in stock market

    - Jan 22, 2014 2:03pm
    China has urged its state-owned enterprises to improve their funding allocation for equity investment in a bid to increase the return on their investment and dilute risk, a directive apparently aimed at boosting sentiment in the...
  • China will continue to seek 'basic self-sufficiency' in food grain. Photo: Bloomberg

    POLICY WATCH: Renewed focus on food security

    - Jan 21, 2014 7:01am
    Home to a fifth of the world population, it is no surprise that food security ranks very high on the list of policy priorities for China. Boosting the agriculture output and ensuring a high level of...
  • General People's Bank Of China Images

    POLICY WATCH: Wider funding channels for tech firms

    - Jan 20, 2014 7:02am
    With the technology sector seen playing a crucial role in China’s planned economic transformation, Beijing is seeking to diversify the funding channels for the industry and improve its linkages with financial markets and institutions. As part...
  • Disciplinary agencies will vigorously pursue the investigation of officials suspected of involvement in corruption cases. Photo: Reuters

    POLICY WATCH: Xi seeks to boost power of disciplinary agencies

    - Jan 17, 2014 1:30pm
    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, President Xi Jinping {習近平} has harped on his anti-graft fight in every appropriate occasion, reminding Communist Party and government officials that the campaign is essential for the...
  • Regulators are trying to encourage insurers to invest more in the country's stock market. Photo: Bloomberg

    POLICY WATCH: Dealing insurers a new stock investment hand

    - Jan 16, 2014 6:34am
    It’s a little shuffle of the insurance sector’s investment deck but one the central government hopes will lift investors’ spirits by channeling more funding into the sluggish stock market. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission is revisiting...
  • Chinese regulators aim to prevent overpriced IPOs to reduce risks for investors. Photo: Bloomberg

    POLICY WATCH: Tighter oversight on IPO pricing, disclosures

    - Jan 15, 2014 6:27am
    With the initial public offering (IPO) market in China reopening after a break of more than a year, listing candidates are facing tighter scrutiny from regulators over the pricing of the share issues and information disclosures....

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