24 March 2019

Ben Kwok

EJ Insight writer
  • Following the arrest of its CFO in Canada, Huawei has seen an outpouring of support in China, with some businesses offering discounts to Huawei phone users. Photo: Reuters

    Nationalism with benefits

    - Dec 20, 2018 2:26pm
    As most mainland Chinese feel their telecoms equipment firm Huawei is being unfairly targeted by Western powers, we are witnessing a new upsurge in nationalist sentiment in the country. And the immediate beneficiary of such “patriotic”...
  • The Grand Central project has drawn good demand for the latest batch of units that were put up sale, with the developers boasting that the buyers included some super-senior citizens. Photo: HKEJ

    How old can you get before buying a home?

    - Dec 19, 2018 1:16pm
    It is never too old to buy a home in Hong Kong. Take a look at transactions for units at Grand Central, a residential development in the old Kwun Tong district. The project, being undertaken by...
  • After positing decent gains on its debut in New York on Dec, 12, Tencent Music slipped below the IPO price on Friday. Photo: Reuters

    Do not hold onto Tencent spinoffs

    - Dec 18, 2018 2:13pm
    One tough lesson investors should have learnt by now is this: avoid holding onto Tencent spinoffs. To be specific, if you happen to land any shares of the units that the Chinese internet giant has spun...
  • Young Hongkongers would rather spend their money on travel than save up for the down payment for a tiny flat. Photo: Bloomberg

    The death of ‘little four’ ideology

    - Dec 17, 2018 2:30pm
    In the Golden ’70s, what drove social mobility in Hong Kong was the “Little Four” ideology. This, of course, refers to every young Hongkonger’s dream of owning a car and a home, getting hitched and having...
  • Father Alfred J. Deignan, SJ, was a former teacher and principal of Wah Yan Colleges in Kowloon and Hong Kong, and warden of Ricci Hall of the University of Hong Kong. Photo: Irish Jesuit Missions

    Farewell, Father Deignan

    - Dec 12, 2018 12:41pm
    Father Alfred J. Deignan, SJ, a renowned educator, died on Tuesday. He was 91. He was a former teacher and principal of Wah Yan Colleges in Kowloon and Hong Kong and also served as warden of Ricci...
  • Fresh university graduates submit resumes to a recruiter at a job fair. With the sluggish economic growth, education officials call the situation facing new grads "complicated and severe". Photo: Xinhua

    China’s university graduates surpass HK population

    - Dec 7, 2018 1:56pm
    Some 8.34 million university students in China are expected to graduate next year, up 1.7 percent or 140,000 from the current school year, according to the Ministry of Education. That’s a record high. While it underscores...
  • We often make our travel plans just before going to sleep, according to a survey. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    Do you dream of those faraway places? Most of us do

    - Dec 6, 2018 11:45am
    When planning a trip, you are most likely to browse the internet for tips about flights and accommodations, right? Well, all we can say is take their recommendations with a pinch of salt.  The hotel or...
  • Many young mainlanders feel left out in China's rapid economic growth. They feel "qiou". Photo: Bloomberg

    And the Chinese Character of the Year award goes to…

    - Dec 5, 2018 1:16pm
    Nothing is worse than being poor. And it is doubly unfortunate if you are poor and ugly. Lest I be accused of being offensive and discriminatory, let me hasten to explain that I am simply relating...
  • Peninsula Hotel is promising more variety in its Christmas and New Year buffets after revising the prices upward. Photo: Bloomberg

    Prepare to pay more for festive spreads at big hotels

    - Dec 4, 2018 12:17pm
    If you are one of those who prefer to dine at posh hotels for Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebrations, be prepared to shell out more this year. Most of the big hotels in the city...
  • Signs are emerging that China's property market is starting to lose steam. Photo: Xinhua

    Topless models show China property market not as hot as before

    - Dec 3, 2018 1:49pm
    Is there a more telling sign than this that the property market in China is not as exciting as before? In Nanning, capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region which is just a two hours’ flight from...
  • Singapore is riding high on the technology trend, reminding us that we have to work doubly hard or face the risk of being left behind. Photo: Bloomberg

    A weekend in smart and green Singapore

    - Nov 23, 2018 1:59pm
    Some Hongkongers regard Singapore as a regional rival. They tend to judge how we fare as a city by comparing our standing with theirs in regional or global rankings. In my case, I went to Singapore...
  • After heady growth in recent years, Chinese property developer Country Garden, controlled by billionaire Yang Guoqiang (picture), is facing challenges both at home and in Hong Kong. Photo: Reuters

    Can Country Garden make money in HK?

    - Nov 22, 2018 1:59pm
    Country Garden appears headed for a setback in its first Hong Kong residential project. The firm, China’s largest property developer by revenue, is said to have cut prices for the second time, offering as much as...
  • As advertised, the Express Rail Link ride from Hong Kong to Guangzhou took only 50 minutes, but it took me about the same time to travel from home to the West Kowloon terminus. Photo: AFP

    My high-speed rail journey to Big Bay Area and back

    - Nov 20, 2018 5:16pm
    Ah, the Big Bay Area beckons! It takes no more than an hour to travel from Hong Kong to that part of China that holds so much promise. That may be true, but I happen to...
  • People line up near Tung Chung MTR station for a bus that will take them to a new cross-border sea bridge. Tung Chung residents have complained about congestion and other problems being created by a mainland visitor influx. Photo: CNSA

    Will Chinese tourists in HK take the ‘secret hotspots’ bait?

    - Nov 19, 2018 5:17pm
    Lingnan Garden, Tsz Shan Monastery, Cityplaza, Tamar headquarters. All these were on a list of secret hotspots that were circulated to Chinese netizens as recommendations for places to see in Hong Kong. Dubbed the Hong Kong...
  • Russell Street in Causeway Bay was transformed from a squalid, rat-infested neighborhood into a high-end shopping area when Wharf Holdings established Times Square in the early '90s. Photo: Bloomberg

    ‘Mouse Street’ is world’s most expensive retail location

    - Nov 15, 2018 11:19am
    Different generations of Hong Kong people probably have different impressions of Russell Street, which is known among locals as Mouse Street because it used to be a squalid neighborhood infested with rodents. Even in the ’60s, it...
  • As Tencent readies to report its third-quarter results, investors are hoping that chairman Pony Ma (seen in picture) will offer words of reassurance that can help the stock regain its mojo. Photo: Bloomberg

    Tencent chief, in new song, promises not to let you down

    - Nov 13, 2018 2:11pm
    All eyes are on Tencent as the Chinese internet giant prepares to release its third-quarter financial report on Wednesday. For the moment, the bear seems to have an upper hand over the firm’s stock market prospects,...
  • Breast implant samples are stored in a consultation room in a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul. Chinese women have been flocking to South Korea in large numbers in recent years for cosmetic surgery. Photo: Bloomberg

    Natural vs surgical: The big divide

    - Nov 12, 2018 3:07pm
    To the topics that seemingly throw up a sharp divide between people across the “two systems”, we can now add this: citizens’ attitude toward, and openness to, medical beauty services. According to a new survey, most...
  • Hong Kong fire department’s  ‘Anyone’ character has set off a flurry of memes and inspired various private and government entities to leverage the blue theme. Photo: FSD/Facebook video grab

    ‘Anyone’ is everyone’s favorite

    - Nov 7, 2018 4:09pm
    One can’t recall any government blitz in the recent past that has managed to create so much buzz among the public as the Fire Services Department’s new “Anyone” campaign. In the past 48 hours, consumer brands,...
  • We remember the people who passed away this year and contributed a lot to making our Hong Kong the vibrant and beautiful city that it is today. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    Remembering the beautiful people we lost this year

    - Nov 6, 2018 12:16pm
    To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born and a time to die; a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to...
  • Tour groups using the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. Tung Chung residents found the sudden arrival of the mainland tourists quite overwhelming. Photo: AFP

    Mainland tour groups overwhelm Tung Chung’s Citygate

    - Nov 5, 2018 12:26pm
    Following the inauguration of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Tung Chung, a calm village on the northwestern coast of Lantau Island, was jolted by the presence of thousands of mainlanders who swooped down on its restaurants and shops...

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