21 April 2018

Ben Kwok

EJ Insight writer
  • Henry Tang has no regrets about losing the 2012 chief executive election to C.Y. Leung. Photo: Bloomberg

    Why Henry Tang’s horse sense works for me

    - Aug 21, 2014 6:00pm
    Everybody loves a good horse story, so let’s talk about No Regrets, the three-year-old New Zealand import owned by Henry Tang. Remember him, the wealthy, dapper former Hong Kong chief secretary who lost the 2012 chief executive...
  • Allan Zeman (left) nominates Next Media chairman Jimmy Lai Chee-ying (bottom), Legco President Jasper Tsang (top) and New People's Party deputy chairman Michael Tien Puk-sun (right). Photo: HKEJ

    The art of nomination: lessons from the ice bucket challenge

    - Aug 20, 2014 4:19pm
    The crux of universal suffrage may not be who nominates but who gets nominated. That’s the lesson of the ice bucket challenge, which poured into town this week. Whether you are the girlfriend of Asia’s richest...
  • Kung fu actor Jackie Chan (left), NPC chairman Zhang Dejiang (center) and anti-Occupy Central organizer Chow Yung may be on Hong Kong people's ice bucket challenge list. Photo: HKEJ, facebook

    Wouldn’t it be cool to douse some people who are in the news?

    - Aug 19, 2014 1:21pm
    If it’s not for charity, who do you want to pour an ice bucket over? Without further ado, we call out a few people who are making headlines. 1. Jackie Chan. How can this guy still be...
  • Mark Zuckerberg (inset) has done it and Allan Zeman is again thinking about it after begging off due to his busy schedule. Photo: HKEJ

    Brrr: Hong Kong politicians should take ice bucket dare

    - Aug 18, 2014 12:40pm
    An ice bucket challenge may be what Hong Kong needs to cool the political temperature. Nice to see a local version of the viral charity fundraiser making the rounds, with more local celebrities reportedly agreeing to...
  • When Hong Kong government officials warn investors to remain cautious, it may actually be a signal to buy. Photo: HKEJ

    Market outlook: Does anyone really know?

    - Aug 14, 2014 4:16pm
    Henry Procter of Procter & Gamble once said: “I know I waste half of my advertising dollars…I just wish I knew which half.” We can say the same thing about investment advice from brokerages. Only a...
  • Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying (inset) may find good advice in the words of George Soros and Confucius. Photo, Reuters

    Words of wisdom from Confucius and Soros as Leung turns 60

    - Aug 12, 2014 3:25pm
    Forgive Leung Chun-ying. He doesn’t seem to be a man who appreciates different opinions in the city he governs. But perhaps that is because he had not reached the age of 60 for according to Confucius,...
  • Jack Ma most probably enjoyed the life of a British aristocrat, but he may run foul of animal rights groups because of his new hobby. Photo: HKEJ

    Jack Ma, the deer hunter

    - Aug 11, 2014 2:39pm
    Alibaba has certainly opened the door to a magical world for Jack Ma, a former English teacher. It has even allowed him and his friends to live the life of aristocrats in Old England. Ma hired...
  • Robert Chow Yung can consider various freebies and incentives to ensure a decent turnout at the upcoming anti-Occupy Central rally in Hong Kong.

    Bringing in the crowd: Some ideas for 8/17 rally organizers

    - Aug 8, 2014 3:16pm
    What would it take to ensure a turnout of at least 100,000 in the planned anti-Occupy Central rally on Aug. 17? Well, if Robert Chow Yung, the “minced ginger” that is organizing the march, were to ask...
  • Units at Twelve Peaks on The Peak are on track to fetch world record prices. Norman Chan (inset) lends his name to our affordability index for would-be buyers. Photo: EJ Insight

    SHKP-Norman Chan Index puts HK top earners to affordability test

    - Aug 7, 2014 12:07pm
    Question of the day: How long would Hong Kong Monetary Authority chief executive Norman Chan Tak-lam need to slog before he can buy Twelve Peaks? Answer: About 70 years. On his current salary, he has to...
  • A luxury flat on the Peak costs cheaper to rent per square foot than a Sham Shui Po subdivided flat but a comparable mini storage unit fetches even more. Photos: HKEJ,

    Minimum storage, maximum yield

    - Aug 6, 2014 2:17pm
    Sometimes small is really beautiful — and also profitable. A luxury flat on the Peak costs cheaper to rent per square foot than a Sham Shui Po subdivided flat, a car park slot in Tin Shui...
  • With hindsight, one can see that Norman Chan (right) has more career potential and longevity than Rafael Hui (left) who is six years his senior. Photo: HKEJ

    What if SHKP got Norman Chan rather than Rafael Hui?

    - Aug 5, 2014 2:26pm
    There’s a price for everything, especially if you’re talking about hiring a former Hong Kong government official for a certain service. For former chief secretary Anson Chan, it was HK$3 million (US$387,000) for writing a letter...
  • Netizens suggest McDonald's launch a Buddha-inspired vegetarian menu to avoid meat scandals or employ waitresses in cute and charming costumes to attract customers. Photo:,

    Buddha may help McDonald’s jump over food-scare wall

    - Aug 4, 2014 3:56pm
    Who can save McDonald’s Hong Kong from further embarrassment over the expired chicken scandal? Perhaps they should seek the Buddha for enlightenment and netizens for advice. Apparently, netizens are consumed with helping McDonald’s serve up some healthy...
  • 408499_c5c90bfc403939e28d4be4148ec95891.jpg

    Geely chief shows why he’s better than Buffett or Gates

    - Aug 4, 2014 3:02pm
    Geely Automobile chief executive Gui Shengyu has shown why he is the No. 1 bridge player in China: he picked up the trophy in Hong Kong’s biggest bridge tournament yesterday. Gui’s team emerged champion in the...
  • Victor Li says land and residential property are like flour and bread. But more flour does not necessarily mean cheaper bread. Photos: HKEJ,

    Victor Li’s bread and butter is also about flour

    - Aug 1, 2014 2:03pm
    It’s in off-the-cuff moments with the media during results announcements that we get the measure of Hong Kong’s industry chieftains. No matter how good — or how bad — the results, they tend to be more...
  • Hong Kong's stock market has faced some rough weather in the past 50 years, but has successfully overcome the challenges to give hefty returns to investors. Photo: HKEJ

    Hang Seng Index: A 50-year journey

    - Jul 31, 2014 1:20pm
    With major global stock indexes named after promoter publishing groups like Dow Jones, FT and Nikkei, one would have imagined that Hong Kong’s benchmark would also bear the name of a newspaper title — perhaps a...
  • There's one factor that could very well explain the surprising rise in CY Leung's popularity rating. Photo: HKEJ

    CY Leung popularity surges: Wha’ happened?

    - Jul 30, 2014 2:01pm
    Husband: Honey, guess what? My popularity is rising. Wife: Honey, I am so happy for you. I kept my mouth shut, too. I know you didn’t laugh, but that’s meant to be a joke, about the...
  • Tycoon Li Ka-shing is 86 years young today. Photo: HKEJ

    Happy birthday, Mr Li!

    - Jul 29, 2014 5:28pm
    Eighty-six years ago, the richest man in Hong Kong today was born. Tycoon Li Ka-shing has seen his wealth grow with age to total US$35 billion after 60 years of hard work, according to Forbes. Like Warren Buffett,...
  • House News was founded by Tony Tsoi (inset) in 2012, a pioneering internet media platform in Hong Kong. Photo: House News

    House News: Fond memories of a neighbor and peer

    - Jul 28, 2014 11:53am
    Two weeks ago, my old friend Kuen called to ask for my ex-boss’s contact number, and I invited him for lunch with my current boss Jeff. Kuen brought along his comrade Mike.  We’re neighbors, actually, our...
  • A food-safety scare has taken the sheen off a popular YouTube movie that advised young men to put their girlfriends to the McDonald's test. Photo: YouTube

    McDonald’s dating theory may not hold up now

    - Jul 25, 2014 3:37pm
    In a blog post on social media last year, a smart aleck wrote that a man should always seek a woman who would be willing to settle for a cheap meal at McDonald’s. The post became...
  • Don't believe what they say about cheap flats in Tai O and Tai Po. Photos:, HKEJ

    There are no cheap flats in Tai Po or Tai O

    - Jul 24, 2014 6:56pm
    There are no cheap flats in Hong Kong. Not in Tai Po, not in Tai O. Li Ka-shing’s Cheung Kong made headlines last week when it unveiled flats priced at less than HK$2 million at Mont Vert...

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