27 February 2020

Ben Kwok

EJ Insight writer
  • Hong Kong's property market enjoys much higher valuation compared to that in New York due to several reasons. Photos: HKEJ, internet

    Is HK property really worth more than that of New York?

    - Dec 10, 2014 3:34pm
    We all know about Hong Kong’s sky-high property prices, but can we put a figure on what the market is worth in total? According to the government’s Ratings and Valuation Department, the total rent which is...
  • While Hong Kong youth are waging a battle for democracy, their peers in Shenzhen are more interested in riding a stock market rally. Photos: Bloomberg, AFP

    Guess what’s keeping the mainland youth busy?

    - Dec 8, 2014 12:32pm
    The ten-week-old Occupy campaign continues to be the main taking point in the student community in Hong Kong, but just across the border in Shenzhen there is an entirely different thing that is occupying the mind-space...
  • Many Hong Kong families who can't afford the rents in private developments live in subdivided flats. Photo: Internet

    Hong Kong people and the three little pigs

    - Dec 3, 2014 2:35pm
    Remember the children’s bedtime story about the three little pigs who build houses made of straw, wood and bricks, and only the brick house is able keep away the big bad wolf? It’s only a fairy...
  • Things are very different now and they're changing every day but the fun of journalism is still there. Photo: HKEJ

    Those were the days, my friend

    - Dec 1, 2014 11:17am
    Journalism was not my first career choice. My dream was to be a copywriter. But I’m happy to settle for second best and probably will as long as I’m here. Exactly 20 years ago, I started...
  • The popularity of John Tsang (left) rose to a one-year high, while C.Y. Leung's also enjoyed a rebound. But the poll did not reflect the public's view on the Mong Kok crackdown over the last few days. Photo: HKEJ, CNSA

    Tsang at one-year high as Leung rebounds to August levels

    - Nov 28, 2014 2:14pm
    Here is a business report you probably won’t read in Apple Daily or other financial newspapers. The stock of Financial Secretary John Tsang Chun-wah surged to a 12-month high despite a disappointing launch for Shanghai-Hong Kong...
  • Hong Kong authorities are hoping that an upcoming local attraction will help steer people's minds away from the Occupy protests. Photos: Xinhua, AFP

    Ferris Wheel: Is this all that Leung can offer now?

    - Nov 26, 2014 2:46pm
    A giant Ferris Wheel will be the talk of the town when it opens in Hong Kong in about two weeks, potentially pushing the Occupy campaign off the top headlines in local media. Well, that is what...
  • Chow Tai Fook's new investment in Tsim Sha Tsui underlines its confidence in the gold jewelry market. Photo: HKEJ

    Where gold is easier to find than a hamburger

    - Nov 25, 2014 2:26pm
    If you think gold is yesterday’s news, think again. The latest sign it’s anything but fading amid plunging world prices is the big bet on the gold retail market by Hong Kong’s biggest jewelry chain.  It’s all...
  • No meeting of minds between C.Y. Leung (inset) and young Occupy protesters. Photos: HKEJ

    CY criticizing youth augurs poorly for dialogue

    - Nov 24, 2014 12:43pm
    Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying is not known as “hard-boned” (“unyielding” in Chinese) for nothing. He is especially tough on Hong Kong’s young people. Having promised to tackle the youth issue in his next policy address, Leung...
  • A weaker yen has boosted Japan travel demand in Hong Kong, with tours said to be fully booked for the Christmas season. Photo: Bloomberg

    Do we benefit from falling yen and other Asian currencies?

    - Nov 21, 2014 1:12pm
    Fancy having some sushi, kimchi, bubble tea or Hainan chicken on your overseas trip? Well, the delicacies are all now effectively cheaper in their home nations and cities, thanks to the collapse in Asian currencies in...
  • Chinese International School (left) and Sha Tin College are two famous international schools in Hong Kong. Photo: Internet

    Help your kid’s school and travel to exotic places

    - Nov 20, 2014 3:45pm
    Pity our schools. Most people think they’re making truckloads of money by breaking the backs of their students’ hard-working parents, but truth to tell, they need more income to sustain their operations and miscellaneous activities. That’s...
  • Umbrellas will serve more than one purpose during the winter in Hong Kong. Photo: AFP

    Don’t underestimate the El Nino effects in Hong Kong

    - Nov 19, 2014 2:49pm
    Should you carry an umbrella during the winter? No, I’m not talking about the yellow item that has become a potent symbol of the civil disobedience movement, but rather the regular personal utility that shields us...
  • Mainland investors are interested in the smaller Hong Kong-listed companies. Photo: Reuters

    HK appetite for stocks bigger than mainland’s

    - Nov 18, 2014 12:11pm
    Hong Kong is a small island, but it has a big appetite for stocks. By contrast, although mainland China is huge, it seems to like smaller stocks. These are a couple of observations from the landmark...
  • (From left) Emperor Entertainment Group's pop stars Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung and Leo Ku may show up on ATV if Albert Yeung buys a stake in the station. Photos:

    When Albert Yeung sells, he is looking to buy

    - Nov 17, 2014 12:31pm
    Entertainment tycoon Albert Yeung Sau-shing is ready to make a big acquisition — possibly Asia Television (ATV) — after selling his empire’s magazine arm for HK$950 million. Yeung signed a memorandum of understanding with Hui Ka-yan...
  • A tourist takes a video of Hong Kong island from the Star ferry. There are very few Asian cities that have more to offer than Hong Kong. Photo: Bloomberg

    Why I like Hong Kong more than any other Asian city

    - Nov 14, 2014 10:55am
    In the past month, I have stopped by a different Asian city every week. My freelance work offers the luxury of traveling while working but that means I am constantly trying to race against time and...
  • City University of Hong Kong is said to be on the verge of selling its Community College to an Australian University. Photo: HKEJ

    CityU community college deal: The economics and politics

    - Nov 13, 2014 4:11pm
    A new cross-border initiative is in the offing in the city, but it has nothing to do with the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. City University of Hong Kong is set to hand over the associate degree program...
  • Louis-Vincent Gave believes China’s liberalization can only happen through Hong Kong. Photo: HKEJ

    Interview: GaveKal chief sees bright future for Hong Kong

    - Nov 13, 2014 6:47am
    To make big money in the investment markets, one has to figure out the five Ws — what’s happening and why, when and where, and finally who to trust. We found one guy we can trust, and who...
  • Louis-Vincent Gave believes there are terrific investment opportunities in China's next phase of development. Photos: HKEJ, Bloomberg

    Interview: GaveKal chief sees weak Europe and improving China

    - Nov 13, 2014 6:46am
    In the second episode, fund manager Louis-Vincent Gave gives the reasons why he is much more positive on China than Europe, and shares his best investment bets. Overall, he remains optimistic about the future, which he believes will...
  • Property agents in Hong Kong usually don't give prospective homebuyers much time to make a decision. Photo: HKEJ

    3 minutes to make the biggest investment in your life

    - Nov 12, 2014 2:33pm
    What can you accomplish in 180 seconds? Make a cup of coffee? Use the washroom? Or have a quick snog with your honey? Wait, you can buy a flat in Hong Kong. Thanks to the Consumer...
  • Li Ka-shing moved to 1-3 Shouson Hill Road when his home at 79 Deep Water Bay Road (inset) was being rebuilt from 2007 to 2013. Photo: HKEJ, Ming Pao

    How to live like Li Ka-shing

    - Nov 11, 2014 1:11pm
    Hongkongers are famous for living humbly. Despite the city having the most millionaires per capita, residents with HK$1 million in savings can afford only a parking space. It is common for multimillionaires to live in public housing...
  • Aloysius Lee (inset) will be the chief executive of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels from next March. Photos: Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, Shui On Land

    My business mentor takes helm of London-listed hotel group

    - Nov 10, 2014 1:11pm
    A homegrown manager is set to take the helm of a 1.8 billion pound (US$2.86 billion) London-listed hotel group with over 100 properties worldwide.  Starting March next year, Aloysius Lee Tse-sang will be the chief executive...