16 November 2019

Adam Slater

Senior economist at Oxford Economics
  • Workers carry the body of a victim at the site of the crash of a Malaysia Airlines plane in eastern Ukraine. Photo: AFP

    Global impact of rising tensions over Ukraine

    - Jul 23, 2014 10:51am
    The shooting down of a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine last week has heightened international tensions over the situation in Ukraine. Over recent weeks, fighting in eastern Ukraine has continued between the Ukrainian armed forces and separatists....
  • The risk of a bad loan problem turning into a financial crisis would be especially great if the Chinese property market were to crash. Photo: Bloomberg

    What would a China crisis do to the world?

    - Jul 16, 2014 11:43am
    China’s economy has grown rapidly over recent years, and its weight in the world economy has risen commensurately. China now accounts for around a tenth of world trade and around 11 percent of world GDP, double the share...
  • 396089_be417b2d60ee66e035318900005ce07e.jpg

    A Japanese-style future for Eurozone bonds

    - Jul 8, 2014 11:20am
    The rally in Eurozone government bonds has been dramatic over the last two years and has maintained its momentum into this year. German bund yields have dropped to just 1.3 percent (from 1.9 percent last September)...
  • The Bank of Japan’s failure to add stimulus this year may expose the economy to fiscal tightening ushered in by the consumption tax hike in April. Photo: Bloomberg

    Japan risks QE failure and a stock market slump

    - Jun 25, 2014 9:49am
    Japan’s quantitative easing (QE) program may be in trouble. The main plank of the program is large-scale asset purchases designed to boost money supply growth, asset prices and inflation expectations while holding down interest rates. Economic...
  • Air freight growth in Asia has picked up considerably in recent months. Photo: Bloomberg

    Modest world trade recovery continues

    - Jun 19, 2014 11:41am
    The latest monthly indicators for the advanced economies suggest the recovery in world trade has continued over recent months. More positive for the global economy is the apparent upturn in import demand in the US. The...
  • The Indonesian rupiah is perhaps the least risky of the high-yielding currencies. Photo: Bloomberg

    And the winner of the best emerging currency bet is …

    - Jun 12, 2014 2:57pm
    There have been two significant bouts of volatility in emerging currency markets since May last year, each featuring large losses on “carry trades” which involve borrowing low-yielding currencies to invest in higher-yielding ones. Volatility among emerging currencies...
  • Fears that China is exporting deflation have grown as Beijing has changed policy to allow the yuan to depreciate. Photo: Bloomberg

    China, exports and the deflation accusation

    - May 23, 2014 11:24am
    A widespread concern in recent months has been that China is “exporting deflation” to the rest of the world. The argument generally runs that Chinese exporters are cutting prices, thereby intensifying global competitive pressures and holding...
  • Some signs suggest limited slack in the US labor market. Photo: AFP

    The riddle of the risk of global deflation

    - May 15, 2014 4:08pm
    Declining inflation in many major economies is consistent with negative output gaps (which occur when actual output is lower than potential output). It may also indicate that output gaps are being underestimated. Moreover, even as negative...
  • The ankle injury of Manchester City's David Silva (right) is a factor in the match against Everton. Photo: AFP

    Premier League weekend preview

    - May 2, 2014 2:41pm
    Tim Bredbury Liverpool will be hoping that their neighbours Everton can do them a huge favour when they take on visiting Manchester City at Goodison Park this weekend. Everton’s hopes of a top-four finish were dented...