17 August 2017

Eric Lui

Hong Kong Economic Journal chief economist and strategist
  • High-end properties have underperformed starter homes or smaller flats since the government curbed demand for luxury units. Photo: HKEJ

    Signs starter homes frenzy is about to end

    - Jan 15, 2015 6:37pm
    The property market is likely to level off in the last quarter of the year or the first quarter of 2016 as the US dollar continues to strengthen and panic buying subsides. Impulse buying of so-called...
  • The decline in commodity prices as the US dollar strengthens has put deflationary pressures on Japan and many other economies. Photo: Bloomberg

    Why strong US dollar will shake global markets in 2015

    - Jan 9, 2015 12:53pm
    The US dollar will continue strengthening in the first half of this year unless the US Federal Reserve launches a new round of quantitative easing. Global financial markets face a severe crisis unless the Fed reverses its strong-dollar...
  • Hong Kong's equity market will benefit from a new round of quantitative easing in the United States next year. Photo: HKEJ

    Ten things you should know about the markets in 2015

    - Dec 18, 2014 5:57pm
    The market is facing various challenges going into the new year. We list 10 major predictions for financial markets in 2015, which would offer some insight to investors. (1) The US dollar is likely to stay...

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