27 February 2020

Jerome Yen

adjunct professor in the Department of Finance at HKUST Business School
  • China is going through the biggest capital outflow in its history. Photo: CNSA

    Capital outflow remains a threat to Chinese economy

    - May 26, 2015 6:22pm
    The divergence between China’s economy and its equity market has widened. Since late last year, the Shanghai Composite Index has more than doubled to 4,500 points from 2,100 points. Some people question whether the nation’s economic...
  • If the uptrend in the stock market continues until May, Hong Kong could overtake Japan in market capitalization. Photo: HKEJ

    Foreign funds may create volatility in HK market

    - Apr 28, 2015 5:57pm
    I had a recent discussion with friends about the bullish stock market, and they believe that most foreign funds are here to make a quick profit. Mainland investors, on the other hand, have a long-term view of...
  • Investors may take a break as the Hang Seng Index consolidates between 26,000 and 28,000 points. Photo: HKEJ

    More upside to come after technical correction

    - Apr 21, 2015 6:30pm
    The mainland equity market is mainly driven by government policy, so investors have to understand the mindset of the government instead of merely relying on public information and looking to financial institutions’ moves. The A shares...
  • Xiaomi's Lei Jun says the key to business success lies in four words -- focus, perfection, reputation and speed. Photo: Bloomberg

    Before the internet, there was social networking

    - Feb 16, 2015 6:01pm
    The internet mindset has existed long before the emergence of the internet. The internet just made it more visible. Lei Jun, founder of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, said the key to a successful internet business can...
  • As more capital leaves China, less is available for expensive domestic purchases such as cars. Photo: Bloomberg

    China property, carmaking sectors to suffer from capital flight

    - Feb 10, 2015 6:34pm
    Capital outflows from China were between US$600 billion and US$700 billion each year between 2009 and 2013 and gathered speed in last year’s last quarter. The amount of capital fleeing the country throughout 2014 is estimated...
  • Premier Li Keqiang said China will better utilize the contributions of both the government and market forces during its economic restructuring. Photo: Bloomberg

    China should quickly let market forces play bigger role

    - Jan 27, 2015 6:35pm
    Chinese leaders are stepping up their efforts to unleash the growth momentum the private sector can provide. Premier Li Keqiang said at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week that China will have to...
  • Currency markets are expected to remain volatile this year due to several factors. Photo: Bloomberg

    Forex market may see big churn in 2015

    - Jan 21, 2015 5:26pm
    The share of US dollar in global foreign exchange reserves has risen from 60.7 percent in the second quarter of 2014 to 62.3 percent in the third quarter, marking the highest level in three years, according...