23 July 2018
  • May Eddie Ng (left) be given ears to hear the voices of students, parents and teachers. May Hong Kong bureaucrats take time off from kowtowing to tycoons and work for the homeless and underprivileged instead. Photo: HKEJ

    Seasons Bleatings

    - Dec 19, 2015 8:05am
    It’s that time of year again for the pagan festival that was adopted by Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus, allegedly born in a stable when his parents traveled to Jerusalem for the purposes of...
  • While government officials (left) sell the idea of fancy food trucks, elderly hawkers (right) face heavy fines for selling popular local snacks on the roadside. Photos: Ta Kung Pao, Facebook/Artemis Pang

    How to turn a good idea into a bureaucratic nightmare

    - Dec 12, 2015 8:05am
    The war on creativity in Hong Kong is unceasing. The bureaucrats who run this place seem determined to make it a laughing stock by inserting their sticky fingers in anything that looks suspiciously creative or spontaneous....
  • Leung Chun-ying's government presides over two serially delayed, seemingly bottomless money pits: the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (left) and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. Photos: HKEJ, Xinhua

    High cost of lies and bungling in high-speed-railway Neverland

    - Dec 5, 2015 8:08am
    It used to be said that, for all its failings, the Hong Kong government at least knew how to handle major infrastructure projects and was good at getting things done. That claim can no longer be...
  • Neither PLA troops nor mainland officials may interfere in the local affairs of Hong Kong, the Basic Law guarantees. Photos: Xinhua, MTR

    Another large nail in the coffin of one country, two systems

    - Nov 28, 2015 8:04am
    A very dangerous line has been crossed with the announcement that mainland law enforcement officers will be stationed on the Hong Kong side of the new cross-border rail link due to open in 2018. This represents...
  • Let them eat burgers: Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor launches the 'Appreciate Hong Kong' campaign even as a growing number of Hongkongers have no choice but to sleep in fast-food outlets. Photo: HKEJ

    Spirit of Marie Antoinette reappears in Tamar

    - Nov 21, 2015 8:01am
    The spirit of Marie Antoinette, the queen consort of Louis XVI of France, is alive and kicking somewhere out there in Tamar. When told that the French peasantry were starving and in dire need of bread,...
  • The country parks are the jewel in Hong Kong's crown, but who can trust the Leung Chun-ying administration to ensure they are not laid waste to by profit-hungry property developers? Photo: HKEJ

    Official vandalism alert!

    - Nov 14, 2015 8:01am
    A gross act of official vandalism is in the works — but, rather unusually, no less a person than Hong Kong’s chief executive has proffered an early warning of what’s to come. In some ways Leung...
  • Leung Chun-ying seems intent on appointing Arthur Li  to chair the council of the University of Hong Kong. Photo: Xinhua, HKEJ

    Make no mistake, CY wants a fight

    - Nov 6, 2015 1:36pm
    Well-meaning people have been warning Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying that he needs to avoid doing the sort of things he does if he wishes to avoid confrontation, but they entirely miss the point — CY really...
  • Billy Fung (left) has been barred from HKU Council meetings after revealing what was discussed at the Sept. 29 session. A leaked audio clip backs up Fung's account of Arthur Li's remarks. Photo: HKEJ

    Billy Fung: a hero or a disgrace?

    - Oct 31, 2015 8:02am
    Is Billy Fung, the president of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union, a heroic whistle-blower or a disgrace and possible criminal? The answer very much depends on your political views. Mr. Fung took a conscious decision, in...
  • Regina Ip is shown in a huddle with Michael Tien, deputy chairman of her New People's Party. Ip relishes the prestige of Exco membership while claiming to be an independent voice not beholden to the government. Photo: HKEJ

    Regina’s dangerous power grab

    - Oct 24, 2015 8:04am
    It is hardly news to reveal that Regina Ip is one of Hong Kong’s most power-hungry politicians but her lust for office has gone too far and inadvertently exposed the ludicrous dysfunctionality of the current political...
  • (From top) The Democratic Party, Labor Party and Civic Party may not always be on the same page, but that need not be a cause for pessimism, as neither are the members of the pro-establishment camp.  Photo: HKEJ

    No need for democrats to wallow in gloom

    - Oct 17, 2015 8:05am
    A mood of deep pessimism has settled over the democratic camp ahead of the upcoming district council elections, but pessimism is dangerous and, as it happens, unnecessary. Let us first look at what has prompted this...
  • Wolves at the door? CY Leung's  government is denying the case against Donald Tsang (inset) is politically motivated.  Photo: internet, HKEJ

    Why Sir Donald was thrown to the wolves

    - Oct 10, 2015 8:03am
    It is becoming increasingly easy to understand the motives of our government officials. Just observe how many times they deny or even preemptively deny something and you will know that reality lies in the opposite of...
  • If Hong Kong is becoming less tourist-friendly, its bureaucrats need to look into the mirror to find out why this is so. Photo: Bloomberg

    How the bureaucrats are killing Hong Kong’s tourist trade

    - Oct 3, 2015 8:07am
    The government whines and whines about the falloff of tourists visiting Hong Kong, inevitably trying to blame protesters for the decline while its massive bureaucracy does its best to make this place into an international laughing...
  • A poster put up near an Occupy site last year by pro-democracy activists says the rigid attitude of Hong Kong's current administration is ruining the city. Photo: EJ Insight

    The real & highly dangerous meaning of ‘decolonization’ campaign

    - Sep 26, 2015 8:06am
    The anti-democrats have discovered a new mantra – the need for “decolonization” in Hong Kong. This was recently advocated by Chen Zuoer, the former deputy head of Beijing’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, and echoed...
  • Who's the boss? Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying (2nd from left) or Zhang Xiaoming (2nd from right), head of Beijing's liaison office in Hong Kong? Photo: HKEJ

    Why Hong Kong’s ‘loyalists’ are no longer loyal

    - Sep 5, 2015 8:08am
    One of the so-called loyalist camp’s outstanding characteristics is its crumbling loyalty to the government that it is supposed to be supporting. The mainland’s liaison office is doing its best to stop further disintegration among the...
  • Pan-democrats called for water in schools to be tested, but the CY Leung administration decided to supply water filters instead, though not to kindergartens. Photos: HKEJ

    Collusion, indifference, revenge all in week’s work for CY & Co.

    - Aug 28, 2015 6:00pm
    It was a week that saw some of the worst examples of government collusion with property developers, staggering indifference to real concerns over children’s welfare and, just to cap it off, a nasty piece of political...
  • Officers haul away documents after a raid on Uber (left photo). Hong Kong taxis operate under a highly regulated government-controlled monopoly system. Photo: HKEJ

    This is the real scandal behind the Uber row

    - Aug 22, 2015 8:01am
    This Uber row is really something and I sense it is about a great deal more than the problems of the taxi service because it exposes the crummy way government-organized monopolies conspire to deprive Hong Kong...
  • Hong Kong's leader CY Leung has accumulated a long list of broken promises. Photos: CNSA, HKEJ

    What’s a CY promise worth?

    - Aug 15, 2015 8:05am
    There used to be two kinds of promise, a promise that contains a pledge which needs to be fulfilled and then there’s a politician’s promise which is little more than a vague statement of intent with...
  • More and more housing estates are being found to have lead-contaminated supplies, but Leung Chun-ying's administration continues to adopt a 'What, me worry?'approach. Photo: HKEJ

    Hypocrisy, evasion, incompetence and indifference

    - Aug 8, 2015 8:06am
    It is hard to think of a more compelling example of the Leung administration’s hypocrisy than the lead-in-water scandal, which is not going to disappear any time soon. Officials have moved from denial to evasion to...
  • University council member Arthur Li (left photo) reacts to students demanding academic freedom. Lo Chung-mau's attempt at heroism (right) becomes an embarrassment.. Photos: HKEJ

    Who’s attacking whom at Hong Kong University?

    - Aug 1, 2015 8:04am
    Despite the smoke screens and the background noise, let’s be very clear about one thing: what’s happening at Hong Kong University is a frontal attack on an institution that in many ways embodies the freedoms and...
  • Leung Chun-ying may be at the heart of all the problems confronting his administration. Photo: HKEJ

    CY’s black hole

    - Jul 25, 2015 8:07am
    There is a black hole at the heart of Leung Chun-ying’s administration, and its location can be precisely pinpointed to his office housed at that austere building in Tamar. No one knows exactly what goes into...

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