15 November 2019
  • Regardless of race or place of birth, people who love Hong Kong and want to protect its core values can speak for the city. Photo: HKEJ

    Who can speak for Hong Kong?

    - Mar 12, 2016 8:05am
    Who is qualified to speak for Hong Kong? This question arises from the so-called revelation that Edward Leung Tin-kei was born in the mainland. Leung, as most people know, is a leader of the Hong Kong...
  • Civic Party's Alvin Yeung won the by-election but public spotlight was on the Hong Kong Indigenous. Photo: HKEJ

    The fallout from that by-election

    - Mar 5, 2016 8:05am
    Hong Kong’s democrats have problems with many things but they really excel in one area: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The recent Legco by-election was a stunning success for the pro-democracy camp but it...
  • A file photo shows former British PM Margaret Thatcher (center) at a construction site during a Hong Kong visit, accompanied by Chris Patten (second from right), the city’s last colonial governor. Photo: HKEJ

    Were things really better under the Brits?

    - Feb 27, 2016 8:05am
    An intervention recently by Chris Patten, Hong Kong’s last colonial governor, into the discussion over erosion of civil liberties in the city has, yet again, ignited debate over the British colonial legacy. Caught between the distorted prism of...
  • A police officer (right) kneels on the head of a protester in the Mong Kok clashes on Feb. 9. Shades of the Cultural Revolution, when Red Guards could call anyone a member of a gang and 'punish' him. Photos: TVB, internet

    What follows from calling Hong Kong people ‘separatists’

    - Feb 20, 2016 8:05am
    So, it’s come to this: protestors in Hong Kong are now being officially classified as “separatists”, the dreaded term that has provided China with leeway to crack down relentlessly on protestors in places such as Tibet...
  • Democrats are making a mistake in not clearly distancing themselves from extremist localists before blaming poor governance by Leung Chun-ying (inset) for the Mong Kok clashes. Photos: Bloomberg, HKEJ

    Why do democrats allow anti-democrats to benefit from clashes?

    - Feb 12, 2016 4:56pm
    Who benefits from the violent street clashes seen in Mong Kok over the Lunar New Year? The simple answer is that they were a gift to the otherwise beleaguered Hong Kong government and other opponents of...
  • If Hong Kong pulls out of the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, it will join outlaw states like North Korea. Photo: HKEJ

    Hong Kong government’s great idea: copy North Korea

    - Feb 5, 2016 5:30pm
    In its relentless search for ways to undermine Hong Kong’s rule of law and send out negative signals to the international community, the Leung administration is now seriously considering joining pariah states such as North Korea,...
  • CY Leung (R) appointed Arthur Li, who has been nicknamed "King Arthur", as chairman of HKU's governing body despite opposition from students and staff. Photos: CNSA

    A sinister plan

    - Jan 30, 2016 8:05am
    Everything appears to be going nicely to plan. The installation of a much hated chairman for the University of Hong Kong’s governing council has predictably stirred protests, democrats in the Legislative Council are being blamed for...
  • The Policy Address given by Leung Chun-ying (center) had less to do with the interests of Hongkongers than his hopes of persuading Beijing to grant him a second term as chief executive. Photo: HKEJ

    A 2-hour lesson from CY in bad governance

    - Jan 23, 2016 8:05am
    As a service to readers, I had planned not to mention CY Leung’s Policy Address, as there is quite enough boredom in the world without adding to it. However, my best intentions were thwarted after reflecting...
  • Given the huge divide between the pan-democratic camp and Beijing, the newly established Path of Democracy (left) and The Third Side (right) are unlikely to see strong support from voters. Photo: HKEJ

    The middle way leads to nowhere

    - Jan 16, 2016 8:05am
    There is something rather appealing in the idea that Hong Kong’s political stalemate can be overcome by finding a middle way through the two deeply polarized pro and anti-government camps. Unfortunately, this middle way concept is...
  • What will become of Hong Kong if mainland police can come here and take away whoever they want? Photos: HKEJ, Baidu

    The chilling specter of the midnight knock on the door faces HK

    - Jan 9, 2016 8:04am
    The midnight knock on the door, the very thing that concerned many people in the wake of Hong Kong’s reversion to Chinese sovereignty, has now come to pass. The late newspaper columnist Tsang Ki-Fan wrote a...
  • In 2015, the spirit of the Umbrella movement energized Hongkongers in supporting the city's football team and taking part in elections. Photos: AFP, HKEJ

    Why 2015 was better for Hong Kong than many people imagine

    - Dec 31, 2015 6:17pm
    Was 2015 really so awful for Hong Kong? Frankly speaking, it is pretty easy to cite rather many bad things that happened over the course of the last 12 months, but there is also much to...
  • May Eddie Ng (left) be given ears to hear the voices of students, parents and teachers. May Hong Kong bureaucrats take time off from kowtowing to tycoons and work for the homeless and underprivileged instead. Photo: HKEJ

    Seasons Bleatings

    - Dec 19, 2015 8:05am
    It’s that time of year again for the pagan festival that was adopted by Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus, allegedly born in a stable when his parents traveled to Jerusalem for the purposes of...
  • While government officials (left) sell the idea of fancy food trucks, elderly hawkers (right) face heavy fines for selling popular local snacks on the roadside. Photos: Ta Kung Pao, Facebook/Artemis Pang

    How to turn a good idea into a bureaucratic nightmare

    - Dec 12, 2015 8:05am
    The war on creativity in Hong Kong is unceasing. The bureaucrats who run this place seem determined to make it a laughing stock by inserting their sticky fingers in anything that looks suspiciously creative or spontaneous....
  • Leung Chun-ying's government presides over two serially delayed, seemingly bottomless money pits: the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link (left) and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. Photos: HKEJ, Xinhua

    High cost of lies and bungling in high-speed-railway Neverland

    - Dec 5, 2015 8:08am
    It used to be said that, for all its failings, the Hong Kong government at least knew how to handle major infrastructure projects and was good at getting things done. That claim can no longer be...
  • Neither PLA troops nor mainland officials may interfere in the local affairs of Hong Kong, the Basic Law guarantees. Photos: Xinhua, MTR

    Another large nail in the coffin of one country, two systems

    - Nov 28, 2015 8:04am
    A very dangerous line has been crossed with the announcement that mainland law enforcement officers will be stationed on the Hong Kong side of the new cross-border rail link due to open in 2018. This represents...
  • Let them eat burgers: Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor launches the 'Appreciate Hong Kong' campaign even as a growing number of Hongkongers have no choice but to sleep in fast-food outlets. Photo: HKEJ

    Spirit of Marie Antoinette reappears in Tamar

    - Nov 21, 2015 8:01am
    The spirit of Marie Antoinette, the queen consort of Louis XVI of France, is alive and kicking somewhere out there in Tamar. When told that the French peasantry were starving and in dire need of bread,...
  • The country parks are the jewel in Hong Kong's crown, but who can trust the Leung Chun-ying administration to ensure they are not laid waste to by profit-hungry property developers? Photo: HKEJ

    Official vandalism alert!

    - Nov 14, 2015 8:01am
    A gross act of official vandalism is in the works — but, rather unusually, no less a person than Hong Kong’s chief executive has proffered an early warning of what’s to come. In some ways Leung...
  • Leung Chun-ying seems intent on appointing Arthur Li  to chair the council of the University of Hong Kong. Photo: Xinhua, HKEJ

    Make no mistake, CY wants a fight

    - Nov 6, 2015 1:36pm
    Well-meaning people have been warning Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying that he needs to avoid doing the sort of things he does if he wishes to avoid confrontation, but they entirely miss the point — CY really...
  • Billy Fung (left) has been barred from HKU Council meetings after revealing what was discussed at the Sept. 29 session. A leaked audio clip backs up Fung's account of Arthur Li's remarks. Photo: HKEJ

    Billy Fung: a hero or a disgrace?

    - Oct 31, 2015 8:02am
    Is Billy Fung, the president of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union, a heroic whistle-blower or a disgrace and possible criminal? The answer very much depends on your political views. Mr. Fung took a conscious decision, in...
  • Regina Ip is shown in a huddle with Michael Tien, deputy chairman of her New People's Party. Ip relishes the prestige of Exco membership while claiming to be an independent voice not beholden to the government. Photo: HKEJ

    Regina’s dangerous power grab

    - Oct 24, 2015 8:04am
    It is hardly news to reveal that Regina Ip is one of Hong Kong’s most power-hungry politicians but her lust for office has gone too far and inadvertently exposed the ludicrous dysfunctionality of the current political...