27 March 2017


  • The HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the cross-border rail link will further improve connections between cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area. Photo: China Daily

    What Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay Area means for HK

    - Mar 27, 2017 4:52pm
    Hong Kong’s Chief Executive-elect Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, while seeking to mend relations with democrats, should also explore new growth opportunities arising from the city’s integration with mainland China. A case in point is the proposed Guangdong-Hong...
  • US small-cap index Russell 2000 and finance stocks could be good early indicators for a flame-out of the market's Trump rally. Photo: Reuters

    Is the Trump rally coming to an end?

    - Mar 27, 2017 10:23am
    On March 21, benchmark US equity indexes fell over one percent for the first time in more than 100 trading sessions. Although the magnitude of pullback wasn’t large enough to send off an alarm, and there...
  • An increasing number of Chinese consumers are getting used to making online payment for goods and services. Photo: Wechat

    Why China’s tech titans temper their fintech ambitions

    - Mar 27, 2017 8:57am
    China is at the forefront of the booming global fintech industry. While tech behemoths like Alibaba and Tencent seem to be conquering one area after another, they both hinted at scaling down their fintech development all...
  • Apple has won a key legal fight as a Beijing court has overturned a ruling that the iPhone 6 infringed a Chinese manufacturer's patent. Photo: Bloomberg

    Apple wins China patent dispute as court overturns ruling

    Mar 27, 2017 8:34am
    A Chinese court has overturned a ruling against Apple over iPhone patents, marking an important victory for the US-based tech giant in one of its key markets. The Beijing IP Court ruled on Friday that the...
  • Kuwait Oil Minister Ali Al-Omair opens the OPEC second Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee meeting in Kuwait. Photo: Reuters

    OPEC, non-OPEC weigh 6-month extension of oil output cut

    Mar 27, 2017 8:08am
    A joint committee of ministers from OPEC and non-OPEC oil producers has agreed to review whether a global pact to limit supplies should be extended by six months, Reuters reports, citing a statement. An earlier draft...
  • Rising interbank rates keep Chinese equities in check. Photo: Reuters

    Why China equities are stuck in a range

    - Mar 24, 2017 4:47pm
    The Shanghai Composite Index has been hovering around 3,200 points for more than a month, with the overall turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen bourses at about 500 billion yuan (US$72.53 billion) most of the time....
  • The sudden selloff wiped out about US$4.1 billion in the Huishan Dairy's market value. Photo: Bloomberg

    Huishan Dairy shares plunge 85 percent, trading halted

    Mar 24, 2017 4:33pm
    Shares of China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co. Ltd. (06863.HK) fell by a record 85 percent in Hong Kong before the company suspended trading. The sudden crash wiped out about US$4.1 billion in the company’s market value,...
  • Evergrande has some US$57 billion in debt, almost six times its market value. Photo: Bloomberg

    Evergrande plans US$1 billion notes to refinance debt

    Mar 24, 2017 1:12pm
    China Evergrande Group (03333.HK), the country’s top home builder, plans to issue up to US$1 billion in US dollar notes to refinance debt, a move which comes on top of a US$1.5 billion dual tranche issue...
  • Kaisa still has considerable assets in Shenzhen, where property prices continue to flourish. Photo: Reuters

    Kaisa set to release long-overdue results to end trading halt

    Mar 24, 2017 11:44am
    Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd., the first and only Chinese property developer to default on overseas debt, will hold a board meeting on Saturday to approve the publication of its 2014-1016 annual results, Bloomberg reports. Releasing the...
  • The Rockefeller family sold 14 buildings of its Rockefeller Center, bought them back and then sold them again to take advantage of huge swings in market prices. Photo: Fordos

    How the Rockefeller family adapts to the changing times

    - Mar 24, 2017 11:06am
    John D. Rockefeller, the patriarch of the Rockefeller family and America’s first billionaire, founded Standard Oil in 1870. It was the largest oil refinery in the weed of its time. As one of the world’s first...
  • Twitter has failed to attract enough in advertising revenue to turn a profit. Photo: AFP

    Twitter explores premium version after 11 years as free service

    Mar 24, 2017 9:39am
    Twitter Inc. said it is considering whether to build a premium version of its network aimed at professionals, raising the possibility that it could collect subscription fees from some users for the first time. Spokeswoman Brielle...
  • By assembling iPhones in India, Apple could reduce their prices in the fast-growing smartphone market. Photo: Xinhua

    Apple to start making iPhones in India soon: WSJ

    Mar 24, 2017 9:09am
    Technology giant Apple Inc. will soon start assembling iPhones in India, boosting the company’s chances of gaining a foothold in the fast-growing market, the Wall Street Journal reports. Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron Corp. will probably start making...
  • Amazon has been accused by President Donald Trump of 'getting away with murder tax-wise'. Photo: Reuters

    Amazon wins US$1.5 bln tax dispute over Luxembourg unit

    Mar 24, 2017 8:41am Inc. on Thursday won a US$1.5 billion tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over transactions involving a Luxembourg unit more than a decade ago. Judge Albert Lauber of the US Tax Court rejected a...
  • A man prepares a cigarette mixed with marijuana at Cannatech 2017, an annual global cannabis industry event, in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday. Photo: Reuters

    Israel sees tech edge in US$50 bln medical marijuana market

    Mar 24, 2017 8:34am
    Israel, a leader in marijuana research and health technology, is attracting international investment as it tries to position itself as a cutting-edge exporter in the rapidly-growing market for medical-grade cannabis. With estimates that the global market...
  • Chery said it has been using the name "eQ" for its two-door battery electric car over the past two years. Photo: Reuters

    China’s Chery files trademark complaint against Mercedes-Benz

    Mar 24, 2017 8:26am
    Chinese automaker Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. has filed a complaint with the country’s trademark regulator over Mercedes-Benz’s use of the “EQ” name for a line of green-energy vehicles. The move could pose a potential road block...
  • Taiwan's stimulus program has the potential to create around 40,000 to 50,000 jobs, the cabinet said. Photo: Xinhua

    Taiwan unveils US$29 bln package to boost economy

    Mar 24, 2017 8:05am
    Taiwan has unveiled a NT$882.4 billion (US$29 billion) stimulus package to boost its export-driven economy in the face of uncertainty from its two largest trading partners, the United States and China. The stimulus plan will be...
  • The government usually moves to further tighten property policy about six months later if previous measures fail to cool the home market. Photo: HKEJ

    Where to look for signs of a peak-out in home prices

    - Mar 23, 2017 4:33pm
    Last week, I argued that the narrowing price gap with blue-chip housing estates and the rising down payment suggest the starter home boom may soon be over. However, that does not necessarily mean housing prices in...
  • Sears Holdings Corp., once the largest US retailer, has been struggling through years of losses and falling sales. Photo: Reuters

    US retailer Sears issues warning on ability to survive

    Mar 23, 2017 12:10pm
    Sears Holdings Corp., once the largest US retailer, warned about its ability to continue operating after years of losses and declining sales. “Our historical operating results indicate substantial doubt exists related to the company’s ability to...
  • The real estate and construction sector is a major contributor to China's hazardous smog, and accounts for 8 percent of the world's carbon emissions. Photo: Reuters

    Top Chinese property developers launch green index

    Mar 23, 2017 10:55am
    China’s largest real estate developers launched a green index to manage their cement, steel and iron suppliers as the world’s second-largest economy steps up its fight against climate change. The real estate and construction sector is...
  • US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has asked the International Monetary Fund for a “frank and candid analysis” of member countries’ exchange-rate policies to determine whether China is a currency manipulator. Photo: Reuters

    Mnuchin’s mission

    - Mar 23, 2017 10:39am
    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is hemmed in on all sides. Domestically, he is trapped between the promises he has made (such as the “Mnuchin rule” that taxes wouldn’t be cut for the rich), the actions...

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