19 April 2019

Finance & Property

  • Hongkongers hope to buy their own homes, which are “brick and mortar”, but the housing bubble resulting from an overheated property market is “virtualized”. Photo: CNSA

    The real economy

    - Apr 17, 2019 6:33pm
    The Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has mentioned the term “real economy”, but hasn’t bothered to explain the term. Over the years, mainland media have often drawn a distinction between businesses...
  • Shanghai tech board aims to lure start-ups that master core know-how and are in line with China's national strategy related to internet, big data, cloud computing, AI, software, high-end equipment manufacturing and bio-pharmaceuticals. Photo: Reuters

    Shanghai new board could serve as fresh catalyst for tech plays

    - Apr 16, 2019 2:10pm
    Over the long run, only companies that can deliver strong earnings growth will be able to sustain a rally and keep scaling new heights. As such, tech sector will remain one of the most promising areas....
  • In a flattening or inverted yield-curve environment, 'growth'-style equities may be valued at a premium as growth becomes harder to find. Photo: Reuters

    Three themes for investors to keep in mind

    - Apr 16, 2019 11:41am
    The US yield curve recently “inverted” – the 3-month US Treasury yield pushed past the 10-year Treasury yield by 7.5 basis points on March 27 – leading many investors to wonder what’s next for the US...
  • Credit Suisse will boost its stake in a China securities joint venture to 51% by means of a capital injection. Photo: Bloomberg

    Credit Suisse aims to take control of China securities venture

    Apr 16, 2019 9:11am
    Credit Suisse has agreed to take majority control of Chinese securities venture Credit Suisse Founder Securities (CSFS), boosting its stake to 51 percent from 33.3 percent via a capital injection, Reuters reports. Under the deal, the...
  • Some value and cyclical upside to earnings expectations can still be found in Asia over the next one to two years. Photo: Reuters

    Asian credits offer better value amid lacklustre global growth

    - Apr 15, 2019 4:08pm
    Markets are in a state of flux. Uncertainty emanates from both the real and the political economy, prompting a dovish pivot by central bankers seeking to stabilize markets and prevent declining business sentiment undermining the economic...
  • Calzedonia has renewed its lease on a 400-square-foot shop in Causeway Bay. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    Calzedonia pays big to stay in Causeway Bay

    - Apr 15, 2019 1:09pm
    How many socks and leggings does Calzedonia have to sell in Causeway Bay to make enough money just to pay its landlord? The Italian fashion brand has renewed its lease on a 400-square-foot shop at 60A...
  • US-China trade negotiations progress, capital inflow into emerging markets and the Fed’s dovish stance helped support the recent rally on stock markets. Photo: Reuters

    Fresh catalysts needed for global equities to rise further

    - Apr 12, 2019 11:54am
    Stock markets posted decent rallies since late last year. The Shanghai Composite Index has soared 30 percent, making it the best-performing market. In the US, the S&P 500 is just 2 percent away from its historical...
  • The Hang Seng Index has spiked about 17 percent year to date, making Hong Kong one of the best-performing markets in the world as of now in 2019. Photo: Bloomberg

    Will Hang Seng Index hit the 40,000 mark this year?

    - Apr 12, 2019 11:53am
    A mainland Chinese website conducted an interesting poll recently. It asked respondents for their opinion on which would happen first: the China national football team repeating its 2002 success of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup,...
  • The US Department of the Treasury estimates that as much as US$300 billion is laundered domestically each year. Photo: AFP

    The West’s dirty financial laundry

    - Apr 10, 2019 11:04am
    The money-laundering scandals keep rolling in, most recently in Estonia, where a subsidiary of Danske Bank reportedly processed some 200 billion euros (US$225 billion) in suspicious payments from around the region in recent years. Nonetheless, the...
  • As web retailing evolves, it develops a need for retail space. Hong Kong's HKTVmall, for instance, now has 46 stores to help increase brand awareness and to serve as goods pick-up points for customers. Photo: Yahoo

    How web retailing boosts demand for logistics space

    - Apr 10, 2019 11:00am
    Like other modern economies, Hong Kong is seeing respectable growth in web retailing. For example, HKTVmall has now established itself as an online supermarket and vendor of various goods. According to the latest financial announcements, HKTVmall...
  • Aramco's bond sale is seen as a gauge of potential investor interest in the Saudi state oil giant's eventual initial public offering. Photo: Reuters

    Aramco to raise US$12 bln in bond sale after record demand

    Apr 10, 2019 9:24am
    Saudi Aramco is set to raise US$12 billion with its first international bond issue after receiving more than US$100 billion in orders, a record breaking vote of market confidence for the Saudi state oil giant, Reuters...
  • The settlement by Standard Chartered is among the most severe imposed for sanctions violations, some of which occurred not long after the bank settled similar charges in 2012. Photo: Bloomberg

    StanChart to pay US$1.1 billion for sanctions violations

    Apr 10, 2019 7:29am
    Standard Chartered Plc has agreed to pay US$1.1 billion to US and British authorities for conducting illegal financial transactions that violated sanctions against Iran and other countries, Reuters reports. The settlement by the London-based bank is...
  • The Federal Reserve has proposed new rules that would relax capital and stress testing requirements for subsidiaries of foreign banks, while imposing stricter standards for those that rely extensively on riskier activities. Photo: AFP

    Fed proposes new regulatory regime for foreign banks

    Apr 9, 2019 10:11am
    The Federal Reserve proposed a new regulatory regime for 23 foreign banks operating in the United States that could make life easier for some lenders, while tightening up rules for more risky foreign firms, Reuters reports....
  • Tuandai’s collapse came amid a liquidity crunch in the wake of aggressive business practices and heightened regulatory scrutiny on the P2P sector. Photo:

    Overly aggressive practices fuel collapse of China P2P platforms

    - Apr 9, 2019 9:52am, one of China’s major peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms, collapsed late last month. Founded in 2011, Tuandai was ranked China’s 14th largest P2P lending platforms and had an outstanding loan balance of 14.5 billion yuan. The...
  • Standard Chartered has been operating under deferred prosecution agreements with US authorities since 2012. Photo: Bloomberg

    StanChart to pay over US$1 bln to resolve US, UK probes: report

    Apr 9, 2019 8:49am
    Standard Chartered (02888.HK) is expected to pay slightly more than US$1 billion to resolve a nearly five-year-old investigation of potential US sanctions violations tied to its banking for Iran-controlled entities in Dubai, as well as a...
  • Wall Street has seen a short-term moving average of the S&P 500 index cross above its long-term average, boosting investor optimism. Photo: Reuters

    ‘Golden Cross’ strategy works well in US market

    - Apr 8, 2019 11:35am
    The “golden cross” signal, which typically refers to the 50-day moving average crossing above the 200-day moving average, showed up in both S&P 500 and Russell 1000 Index On March 25. Last time when the signal...
  • China's Social Security Fund is Bank of Communications' third-largest shareholder behind the Ministry of Finance and HSBC. Photo: Reuters

    SSF plan to cut BoCom stake seen boosting China financial sector

    - Apr 8, 2019 11:19am
    China’s National Council for Social Security Fund (SSF) announced last week that it would cut its stake in Bank of Communications  (BoCom, 03328.HK, 601328. CN) by 2 percent, marking the first time the so-called national team...
  • Office demand in Hong Kong is robust enough to not only absorb new supply but also bring in continued rental increases, says an industry watcher. Photo: Reuters

    Rental trend remains supportive for Hong Kong REIT plays

    - Apr 8, 2019 10:09am
    Stock market sentiment picked up remarkably during the first quarter of 2019, with trading volumes in the equity, bond, and over-the-counter markets all recording heavy trading. According to our conversations with market participants, some institutional traders...
  • Crypto market watchers believe a buyer algorithmically-managed a large Bitcoin order across three venues on Tuesday. Photo: Bloomberg

    Bitcoin jumps 20% on ‘mystery buyer’

    Apr 3, 2019 9:44am
    Bitcoin soared to its highest level in almost five months on Tuesday, pulling smaller cryptocurrencies up with it, after a major order by an anonymous buyer set off a frenzy of computer-driven trading, Reuters reports. The...
  • Lyft's strong first-day gains will help add to investor interest in the new wave of tech IPOs in the United States. Photo: Reuters

    Why investors are crazy about IPOs

    - Apr 2, 2019 11:31am
    Ride-hailing platform Lyft had a very successful debut on the Nasdaq last Friday. The stock opened 20 percent above the offering price, before paring the gains later and ending the day with an 8.7 percent gain....

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