16 July 2019

Hong Kong

  • Carrie Lam: "Please give us an opportunity, the time, the room, to take Hong Kong out of the current impasse and try to improve the current situation." Photo: Reuters

    Lam says extradition bill ‘dead’ but protesters not satisfied

    Jul 9, 2019 1:23pm
    Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said on Tuesday the extradition bill that sparked the city’s biggest political crisis in decades was dead and the government’s work on the bill a “total failure”. But Lam’s attempt...
  • Demand for independent news has increased amid the raging political crisis. Photo: Reuters

    Why half a million readers subscribed to Apple Daily Online

    - Jul 9, 2019 1:21pm
    The current political crisis has highlighted the need to keep the flames of press freedom and free speech burning in Hong Kong. An informed citizenry is the best protection against efforts to erode our rights and freedoms....
  • Chief Executive Carrie Lam has pledged to reach out to the people to understand their views and sentiments. Photo: Bloomberg

    It’s the mindset that determines the quality of governance

    - Jul 9, 2019 1:07pm
    Waves of denunciations from members of the pro-establishment camp followed the storming of the Legislative Council building on July 1. But as it turned out, the mainstream public opinion has not turned against the anti-extradition bill protesters...
  • A file picture depicts signage for Club Tonnochy in the Wanchai area. The club was a prominent name in Hong Kong's raucous nighttime entertainment scene in an earlier era. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    A property deal evokes memories of HK’s golden era nightclubs

    - Jul 9, 2019 1:02pm
    Tonnochy nightclub may be gone, but not its legacy. In fact, one could argue that the fabled Hong Kong hotspot is worth more dead than alive. In a recent transaction, the site of the famous Wanchai...
  • HKJA chairman Chris Yeung (left) and executive committee member Lam Yin-pong hold copies of the association's annual report. Photo: RTHK

    HK freedom of press threatened by mounting challenges: HKJA

    Jul 8, 2019 2:57pm
    Hong Kong journalists faced a raft of challenges in the past 12 months, which have posed growing threats to the freedom of the press and expression in the city, the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA) said....
  • Authorities in Manila are confronting a host of problems, including severe traffic congestion, rising pollution and poor social infrastructure. Photo: Bloomberg

    Strength assessment is key to success of smart city devt

    - Jul 8, 2019 1:45pm
    Philippines and Indonesia are rich in natural resources but face common problems such as severe traffic congestion and air pollution amid an urbanization trend. Given the issues, questions arise as to how such countries should proceed...
  • Hundreds of police officers formed a cordon across Nathan Road after protesters blocked all six lanes of the road on Sunday night. Officers (inset) hit some of the protesters with batons and pinned them to the ground. Photo: RTHK/HKEJ

    Anti-extradition bill protesters arrested in Mong Kok clearance

    Jul 8, 2019 1:00pm
    At least five people were arrested after protesters occupied a portion of Nathan Road in Mong Kok on Sunday night. They were arrested for assaulting a police officer and obstructing a police officer during a clearing operation...
  • Beijing is unlikely to relent on Hong Kong political reform process at this point, as it wouldn't want to be perceived as weak following the violent anti-extradition bill protests in the territory. Photo: AFP

    Prospects for fresh constitutional reforms dialogue get dimmer

    - Jul 8, 2019 12:17pm
    Over the past one month, Hong Kong witnessed three mass demonstrations against an extradition bill, forcing the government to suspend its controversial legislative push. On July 1, when the city was marking the 22nd anniversary of...
  • Mainland workers at the Conghua Racecourse in Guangzhou became upset after learning that their Hong Kong colleagues were getting higher pay. Photo: HKEJ

    Why HK integration with mainland is a double-edged sword

    - Jul 8, 2019 11:50am
    Officials, both from the central government and the Hong Kong SAR, are keen on pushing for the city’s integration with mainland China. But they may become increasingly aware that integration could bring some unwanted outcomes, too. Let’s...
  • Protesters break into the Legislative Council building during the anniversary of the handover on Monday last week. Photo: Reuters

    Reality check

    - Jul 8, 2019 10:23am
    Which neither listlessness, nor mad endeavour, Nor Man nor Boy, Nor all that is at enmity with joy, Can utterly abolish or destroy! (From Intimations of Immortality by W. Wordsworth)   Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng...
  • China's ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming appears on BBC TV's The Andrew Marr Show in London on Sunday. Photo: BBC Handout via Reuters

    China envoy laments ‘Cold War mentality’ over HK protests

    Jul 8, 2019 9:36am
    China is not interested in a diplomatic war with Britain but rejects the “Cold War mentality” it has seen from some British politicians over Hong Kong, China’s ambassador to London said on Sunday. China and Britain...
  • Anti-extradition bill protesters march on Tsim Sha Tsui toward the West Kowloon Express Rail Link Station on Sunday. Their posters read, "Stay strong, Hong Kong." Photo: Reuters

    Protesters reach out to mainland visitors

    Jul 8, 2019 9:04am
    Tens of thousands of protesters marched through one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist areas on Sunday, trying to gain support from mainland visitors for the city’s opposition to an extradition bill which has caused political...
  • Radical protesters break in to the Legco complex on Monday night. Apart from those who rampaged through the building, there were many other young protesters who gathered outside. Photo: Bloomberg

    Listen to the cry of our youth

    - Jul 5, 2019 6:47pm
    I have always been against any act of violence.  All sorts of violence are totally unacceptable, whether it is the excessive use of force by the police against protesters during the June 12 clashes, or the...
  • Lawmaker Chan Kin-por, who chairs the Legco Finance Committee, said the proposal to expedite the approval of funding requests is not feasible because at least one member of the panel opposes it. Photo: HKEJ

    Legco panel says dozens of funding requests face delays

    Jul 5, 2019 5:51pm
    More than 40 appropriation requests for improving people’s livelihood now risk being backlogged at the Legislative Council’s Finance Committee after a bid to expedite the approval process failed to gain consensus among its members, the Hong Kong...
  • Legco president Andrew Leung said priority should be given to the restoration of the complex and its facilities so that meetings can be reconvened by October. Photo: AFP

    No more Legco meetings before October, commission says

    Jul 5, 2019 5:42pm
    The Legislative Council will not hold any meetings before October as the Legco building sustained serious damages after protesters against the extradition bill stormed and vandalized the place on Monday. The Legco Commission arrived at the...
  • Given the land shortage in the city, Hong Kong needs to step up efforts to reclassify vacant properties,  including those that had housed schools earlier, for alternative use, observers say.  Photo: Bloomberg

    Why vacant school premises must be put for reuse

    - Jul 5, 2019 5:06pm
    The government earlier listed out more than 20 vacant government premises across Hong Kong’s urban districts. Among them, five were vacant school premises with floor areas anywhere between 1,900 to 3,700 square meters, remaining unused for...
  • Ocean Park says it is committed to reducing its carbon footprint further after it achieved a previous target ahead of schedule. Photo: HKEJ

    Ocean Park says carbon reduction goal achieved ahead of schedule

    Jul 5, 2019 4:00pm
    Ocean Park announced on Thursday that its ten-year carbon reduction targets set in 2012 were successfully reached in the 2017/18 fiscal year, four years ahead of schedule. To minimize the environmental impact of its operation, the marine themed...
  • Student unions from eight tertiary institutions in Hong Kong said they will not take part in a meeting arranged by the government if it is to be held behind closed doors. Photo: i-Cable News

    Student leaders say no to closed-door meeting with Carrie Lam

    Jul 5, 2019 3:42pm
    Student unions from eight tertiary institutions in Hong Kong said they will not take part in a meeting arranged by the government if it is to be held behind closed doors. Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng...
  • With Hong Kong authorities struggling to cope with the fallout of the extradition bill disaster, other policy initiatives, including a Lantau reclamation plan, could see slow progress. Photo: HKEJ

    Extradition bill crisis has a positive side-effect

    - Jul 5, 2019 12:36pm
    With the government on the back foot after the extradition bill disaster, there has been a positive consequence on another highly contentious issue — the Lantau land reclamation plan. We had news that Legco scrutiny of the...
  • Chief Executive Carrie Lam wants a closed-door meeting, but a student union says it should be open to everyone. Photo: Reuters

    Carrie Lam seeks meeting with students after mass protests

    Jul 5, 2019 9:13am
    Chief Executive Carrie Lam has asked to meet with the city’s university students, her office said on Thursday evening, as the embattled leader tries to fend off pressure from a month-long political crisis. Protesters stormed the...

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