Japanese grenades keep turning up for these war relic hunters

January 28, 2016 09:44
Stuart Woods (left) and his expat friends have found another Japanese grenade left behind from World War II. Photo: Ta Kung Pao/ Stuart Woods

A team of relic hunters appears to have tapped a rich vein of wartime remains with a third significant find in as many months.

Stuart Woods, nicknamed the "bomb hunter", and his fellow expats recovered an unexploded hand grenade and more than a dozen rounds of ammunition left behind from World War II. 

Armed with metal detectors, the group found the cache buried underground on a hillside in Black’s Link near Wong Nai Chung Gap Road in Happy Valley, Apple Daily reports.

They reported the find to the police which sent a team of ordnance experts.

The live grenade was a Japanese-made type 91 explosive while the .303-caliber bullets were British, Woods said. 

Bomb disposal police detonated the device and recovered parts of it for further investigation.

In November, Woods and his team unearthed a similar grenade in Wong Nai Chung Gap and another four near Hong Kong Parkview.

Woods found two Japanese wartime grenades and a pair of bullets in October on the Mount Parker hillside in Quarry Bay.

A year ago, the group recovered four grenades, 54 bullets and a mortar in Black’s Link.

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