Coca-Cola brand new glass bottle beverages relaunch in market

April 25, 2022 06:00

The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partner Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong announced that the highly anticipated returnable glass bottle beverage is coming back with a new design and a refreshed look starting from today! Whether dining out or staying at home for a meal, Coca-Cola brands in the glass bottle will be the best companion for your delicacies that brings you the “Real Magic” experience only by glass bottles! Fans of the Coca-Cola brands who prefer to be served with glass bottles will be able to immerse in this unique experience again. The first batch of beverages coming in glass bottles are "Coca-Cola", "Coca-Cola" No Sugar, "Sprite", "Fanta", “Schweppes” Cream Soda and Soda Water, and for the first time showing up in glass bottles are “Kochakaden” “Craftea” Lemon Tea and Peach Tea. More brands will be coming in glass bottles to provide consumers with a broader range of beverages in an environmentally friendly packaging.

Environmentally Friendly Design for Recycling Again and Again

"Coca-Cola" comes back with the classic contour bottle design and meets consumers with its familiar look. At the same time, other brands under Coca-Cola, including "Sprite", "Fanta", "Schweppes" and "Kochakaden" are coming with another bottle design. Both designs are adopting transparent bottle and make the appearance sleeker and cleaner. It is more convenient for consumers to return them after usage for the bottling plant to clean, disinfect and refill them. After adding the labels, they will be relaunched in the market, which is more efficient in protecting the environment.

For environmental protection, the bottle comprises 60% recycled glass materials, with a weight loss by one-third compared to the previous bottles, making it easier to hold. Remarkably, the volume increases while the bottle becomes lighter; it increases from 192 ml to 250 ml, which is excellent news for the consumers! Each box now contains 12 bottles instead of 24 for easier transportation and storage.

The new glass bottle is in line with the commitment of The Coca-Cola Company and Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong's vision of sustainability. By adopting more environmentally friendly new technology to facilitate the development strategy for recycling and reuse, we joint hands to move towards Coca-Cola's goal of "World Without Waste".

In fact, we are also proactively working with partners and consumers to promote returning the glass bottles after usage, which helps increase the number of recycling and reuse. Therefore, whenever consumers enjoy glass-bottled beverages, they are indirectly participating in promoting environmental protection.

Connie Yeung, General Manager of Swire Coca-Cola HK, said, “Swire Coca-Cola HK (SCCHK) has been the authorised bottler of The Coca-Cola Company since 1965. For more than a half century, we have been providing refreshing beverages to our community. To realize the company's vision in sustainable development, we have been actively enhancing packaging designs with more environmentally friendly elements throughout the years so that consumers, while enjoying the great taste, can have more options in recyclable packaging.”

Enjoy “Real Magic” Now

“Coca-Cola” believes that every moment could be magical. With the brand philosophy of “Real Magic” for “Coca-Cola”, the relaunch of the brand new glass bottle “Coca-Cola” will uplift every consumer’s meal time to a unique magical dining experience. The classic glass beverage is the best dining companion for consumers. Although "Coca-Cola" in different packaging is produced similarly, the more airy glass bottle with cooler body gain much support from the consumers as they are amazed by the chills brought by glass bottles. An extensive campaign will soon be rolled out to engage consumers with a holistic experience uniquely brought by "Coca-Cola".

Marella Canepa Risso, Franchise Director for Hong Kong & Macau at The Coca-Cola Company, said, “Real Magic is immersed in all the special moments of connection in the world of “Coca-Cola”. The new returnable “Coca Cola” glass bottle will allow our consumers to dive into a unique meal occasion experience uplifted by the refreshing taste brought by “Coca-Cola” and also by increasing our use of returnable packaging, we promote a circular economy as our return to reuse bottles have high levels of collection and are low-carbon-footprint beverage container because the bottles collection is built into our beverage direct delivery model."

The brand new glass bottle Coca-Cola brands is now rolling out in the market. Consumers may enjoy it in restaurants (such as Hong Kong-style Cha-Chan-Teng, noodle shops and Chinese restaurants) or buy it from convenience stores and corner stores. Household customers may also order online via Swire Coca-Cola HK’s eShop ( and enjoy free delivery after reaching a certain amount.

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