No Shandong battercakes left for the underprivileged

May 08, 2014 19:10
A religious ceremony turned into a pandemonium as tourists scramble for the battercakes. Photo: Foodmate

Up to 10,000 grams of Shandong battercakes were looted within 10 minutes by tourists in Linqu county in northern China’s Shandong province on Thursday morning, reported.

The county has built a six-meter-high pagoda using local battercakes made from nearly 50,000 grams of mixed rice and grains, as part of a blessing ceremony for the well-being of the country in a cultural festival, the report said. The battercakes were supposed to be delivered to orphans after the ceremony.

However, tourists started scrambling for the cakes immediately after the ceremony started.

The battercake has gained nationwide popularity after it was featured in a widely acclaimed documentary on local cuisine called “A Bite of China”.

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