Solar energy does a slamdunk for sports

July 11, 2014 17:00
Hunan’s Ningxiang plans to install 170 basketball dunks with solar-powered lights to allow residents to enjoy the sport after work. Photo:

China is truly thinking solar these days with more and more applications of the new energy hitting the market. This week, Hunan’s Ningxiang said it plans to install 170 sets of basketball dunks with solar-powered lights in the county to let residents enjoy the sport after work.

A small solar panel is set atop the pole to deliver power to a lamp located above the dunk, making the dunk-and-lamp combination both energy and space saving.

The idea is likely to become popular with other lower-tier cities, as it would otherwise be more expensive to install separate lighting for the courts.

The ongoing World Cup in Brazil is the first time for the tournament to partner with a Chinese solar equipment maker (Yingli) to install panels on the roofs of some of the main stadiums hosting the game, including the enormous Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte.

Chinese stadiums have done similar projects, too. With supportive policies of all sorts, solar power looks set to be seen everywhere across the country’s sports venues in the not too distant future.

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