Top US official raises HK electoral reform in talks with Xi

September 10, 2014 17:52
Hua Chunying (L), spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry, said she is not aware if Hong Kong electoral reform was discussed over the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US National Security Advisor Susan. Photo: Xinhua, AFP

US National Security Advisor Susan Rice may have raised the topic of electoral reform in Hong Kong during her meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, RTHK reported on Wednesday.

But Hua Chunying, spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry, said she is not aware if the matter was discussed, although she stressed that Beijing has clear and consistent views on political reform in Hong Kong.

“Political reform is China’s internal issue, and we firmly oppose any intervention by foreign countries in whatever form,” Hua was quoted as saying.

US administration officials said Rice broached the topic of Hong Kong elections during her meeting with the Chinese leader in Beijing on Tuesday, McClatchy reported. The officials declined to go into specifics but said “it was important for us to raise our support for universal suffrage in Hong Kong”, according to the report.

“Hong Kong did come up, and it was important for us to raise universal suffrage. For us, that means one man, one vote,” the Washington Post quoted a senior US official as saying.

“The ability for people of Hong Kong to choose their leadership based on the will of voters is fundamentally what we’re looking for. One step is what was announced, and there’s further to go,” the newspaper quoted another US official as saying.

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