Assistant commissioner to review police conduct during protests

March 16, 2015 13:58
Duncan McCosh has been talking to police units involved in last year's operations relating to the democracy protests. Photos: Ming Pao, Reuters

A newly appointed senior officer will lead an internal review of police conduct during the pro-democracy protests last year.

Duncan McCosh, a new assistant police commissioner, will look into procedures and decisions in dealing with the protests including the use of tear gas, Ming Pao Daily reported Monday. 

The review will cover a six-month period from Nov. 1 and a report is expected by the end of April, the report said, citing a police spokesman.

Such reviews are part of normal internal procedures after a major operation and are intended to collect opinions and information to improve police work, he said.

McCosh has been leading a seven-man team in internal meetings with various police units involved in the operation.

However, his role in the process is being questioned because he was one of the commanders who gave orders to arrest protesters.

Andrew Shum, a member of Civil Rights Observer, said McCosh cannot be an impartial investigator.

Democratic Party legislator James To, who sits on the Legislative Council's security panel, said McCosh lacks the authority to put his superiors, notably Police Commissioner Andy Tsang, under review.

Shum and To said the review should be conducted by an independent panel.

Ip Kwok-him, chairman of the Legco security panel, said he has no problem with an internal review, adding the police handled the protests in a "very proper" manner.

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