Suicidal man survives by the seat of his pants

March 24, 2015 15:28
The man hangs precariously from an air-conditioner support after jumping off his 11th-floor flat in North Point. Photo: Apple Daily

A 44-year-old man was rescued literally hanging by the seat of his pants after a botched suicide attempt.

The man, surnamed Yuen, jumped from his 11th-floor flat in North Point but his pants caught an air-conditioner support beam, Apple Daily reported Tuesday, citing the police.

He was left dangling for 30 minutes, frantically shouting for help, before firemen arrived, witnesses said.

They said Yuen had plummeted several meters before his fall was broken by a metal support which trapped the back of his pants.

The firemen broke into a flat on the sixth floor after an earlier attempt to free him using a ladder came up short.

Once inside, they coaxed him to hang on while they reached out the window with a rope.

Yuen was cut from his entanglement and safely brought down to earth.

He was taken to a hospital where he was treated for minor injuries to his head and left foot.

Yuen, believed to be mentally ill, lives with his elder brother in the flat in Yalford Building in Tanner Road, the report said.

Chui Yat-hung, president of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association, said a moment of weakness could lead people to commit suicide, thinking it will solve all their problems.

People who run into difficulty should seek help from counselling services or social workers, he said.

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