Balance needs to be struck under 'one country, two systems': Lam

April 02, 2015 11:30
Chief Executive CY Leung (inset) has the responsibility of upholding the "one country, two systems", says Exco convenor Lam Woon-kwong. Photos: HKEJ, CNSA

The chief executive is accountable to both the Hong Kong people and the central government, and he has the duty to balance various forces to uphold the Basic Law, said Lam Woon-kwong, convener of the Executive Council, a top advisory body to Hong Kong's top man.

Such a balance is necessary to preserve the "one country, two systems", Lam said, according to the Hong Kong Economic Journal. 

Lam advised the youth to not rebel against or collide with the mainland but instead try to influence the motherland with local values, the report said.

Britain no longer has any role to play between mainland China and Hong Kong, Lam said.

"It is pointless to mention Britain's role... I also think international powers are not here to help us as all countries put their own interests first," he said.

The chief executive has the responsibility to uphold the "one country, two systems", said Lam, while declining to comment when asked whether incumbent leader Leung Chun-ying has fulfilled this task.

In other comments, Lam said violent protests against mainland parallel traders won't do any good to Hong Kong.  

He also said that everyone in Hong Kong should contribute to protecting the local legal system, which is the last fortress of the city's core values.

Some locals have a poor understanding of the rule of law and judicial independence, Lam added.

The remarks came at a forum at the Chinese University of Hong Kong that discussed political issues, including the Umbrella Movement and other protests.

The Umbrella Movement marked the third red flag to the Chinese government, after the large-scale demonstrations in 2003 and 1989, Lam said.

This article appeared in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on April 2.

Translation by Vey Wong

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