HK woman caught trying to smuggle cash strapped to her body

April 16, 2015 10:25
The unnamed suspect shows packets of cash tied to her chest and waist. Police found more than 1.6 million yuan worth of notes on her. Photo:

A Hong Kong woman has been arrested by Shenzhen police while trying to smuggle 1.6 million yuan (US$257,851) worth of notes wrapped around her body.

The woman was attempting to sneak into Hong Kong during the morning rush hour on Monday when customs officers stopped her, Ming Pao Daily reported Thursday.

She was acting suspiciously and appeared to be unsuitably dressed for the weather, the officers were quoted as saying.

They found packets of cash -- HK$1.5 million and 49,750 euros -- strapped to her chest, waist, inner thighs and soles.

The woman had been in and out of Hong Kong more than 90 times in the past 15 days before she was caught.

It was the 12th arrest involving the smuggling of foreign currencies from Shenzhen this month.

Eighty such cases involving a combined 30 million yuan have been recorded since the beginning of the year, according to customs officials.

Police said the smugglers might be working for underground lenders in Hong Kong amid surging demand for cash in the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock trading scheme.

A cross-border buying frenzy has pushed the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock markets to record highs in recent weeks.

Meanwhile, officials at the Lo Wu checkpoint on Monday arrested seven outbound Hong Kong tourists who were illegally carrying tens of thousands of US and Hong Kong dollars.

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