China targets dirty industries in fight against water pollution

April 17, 2015 09:35
A pipe discharges black waste water near a chemical factory in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in this file photo. Chinese authorities are launching fresh efforts to curb water, soil and air pollution. Credit: Bloomberg

China is said to have ordered the closure of small plants in ten so-called dirty industries in a renewed bid to curb contamination of underground water sources.

Industries ordered shut include fertilizer and coking plants, small tanneries, paper mills and oil refineries, Financial Times reported.

Meanwhile, under an action plan released Thursday, larger plants will be given access to technology to reduce the discharge of polluted wastewater, the report said.

Import tariffs will be lowered on components for treatment plants and other equipment used to cut water pollution. 

"At present, water quality in some regions of our country is poor, the water ecology has been damaged severely and hidden dangers of environmental problems are prominent," authorities were quoted as saying.

Authorities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province and in the Pearl and Yangtze river deltas have been told to identify areas where the tapping of aquifers should be limited or forbidden.

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