Parallel goods cab takes sidewalk, forcing pedestrians into road

April 17, 2015 14:08
A woman and her son (circled) were forced off the sidewalk by a heavily laden taxi (arrowed). Photos: Apple Daily

The topsy-turvy world of parallel trading has produced its latest reversal of the natural order of things.

Not only are parallel traders cleaning Hong Kong stores out of goods needed by Hongkongers and selling them across the border, a cab apparently used by parallel traders took over the sidewalk this week, forcing local residents to walk in the road.

A New Territories taxi suspected to be carrying parallel traders and goods was seen on video driving about 100 meters on the pedestrian walkway beside a busy road in Sheung Shui, Apple Daily reported Friday.

Oyster Wong, the driver of a light goods vehicle, captured the incident on his car camera at about 5pm Wednesday.

Wong said he was shocked by the reckless driving of the taxi driver.

A woman and her son on the sidewalk had to quickly step into traffic to avoid the suddenly oncoming vehicle, he said.

Wong, who has been a driver for 10 years, said such behavior is simply unacceptable and called for the police to follow up.

He suspected the taxi was hired by parallel traders in a rush to ship their goods to border control points, as its trunk was fully loaded to the point that the lid could not be closed properly.

A Democratic Party survey earlier found that taxis used to transport parallel goods have become a safety concern, as the fully loaded vehicles could endanger road users.

Not to mention users of sidewalks.

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