Outrage as leaks found in new MTR station

April 20, 2015 10:26
Tarps cover part of the ceiling in the HKU station as repairs are carried out to fix leaks. Photos: Apple Daily, Bloomberg

Hong Kong's railway operator is facing an angry public after leaks were found in a newly built station of the HK$18.5 billion (US$2.39 billion) West Island Land extension.

Water has been dripping in five locations in the University of Hong Kong (HKU) station, forcing the closure of parts of Exit B1 and B2 while remedial work is carried out, Apple Daily reported Monday.

The HKU station has been open for only four months.

MTR officials said the seepage is coming from underground maintenance work and train services have not been affected.

However, many passengers expressed concern the situation will worsen with the coming rainy season.

Temporary tubes are being used to drain water from the ceiling to buckets on the floor.   

Hong Kong Survey Ltd., which checked the leaks, confirmed that these are coming from underground water.

Technical director Lai Tat-ming said the dripping might have been due to improper waterproofing when construction was being rushed. 

He said repairs could take at least two months at a cost of several million dollars.

Meanwhile, legislator Gary Fan criticized MTR for "subpar construction", saying water dripping in so many locations in a newly built station is unacceptable.

He said there had been no such incidents in the 36 years MTR has been in operation.

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