More HK women prefer Chinese husbands, says People's Daily

April 21, 2015 12:58
Hong Kong men are perceived to be less enterprising than their counterparts in the mainland, according to People's Daily. Photo: HKEJ

More Hong Kong women are dissatisfied with local men and are increasingly attracted to enterprising mainlanders, the official People's Daily reported.

The phenomenon is being linked to a big increase in the number of Hong Kong women married to Chinese husbands in the 17 years to 2014.

More than 5,400 local women married mainlanders last year, up from just 675 in 1997, according to official figures.

They were drawn to the Chinese men's enterprising spirit which Hong Kong men lack, the report said, citing an unnamed wedding consultant.

Another reason is that more Hong Kong women want to work in the mainland, making a Chinese husband highly sought-after, said Julie Cheng of Single Meeting, which helps arrange weddings.

Also, mainland men are increasingly perceived to be educated and highly capable individuals, she said.

However, Cheng said Hong Kong men are no less enterprising than their mainland counterparts and enjoy certain advantages such as more refined social skills, Apple Daily reported.

Local husbands are also seen as responsible family men who have a strong regard for women, she said.

A Hong Kong scholar said China's booming economy has led to increased cross-border exchanges and a higher standard of living.

First-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have living standards comparable to those in Hong Kong, removing psychological barriers when women consider moving to the mainland, he said. 

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